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History bra is an uplifting story. And the facts here was supported by a lot of support. These facts will make you follow the life and times bra. There is nothing to hide, so we reveal all the facts. Nothing unmentionable in history. We will be up front with you when we present a fascinating story. So let's snap to reality and fill our cups with knowledge.

Bra Ancient Greece

Around 2500 BC, the breast being admired. And it's not surprising when you see men and women look at these days. They adore them. In fact, they are all but worshiped them. And women, in tribute to all this attention, wear a bra that lifted their breasts so that they are exposed to them in all their splendor (at least, that's how people see them).

Then, as the ancient Greeks and Romans grew more male-oriented, breasts covered and flat to minimize their size. And not only women, but men as well. However, the pattern began to develop - change the use of a bra with the attitude of men towards women's breasts.

This pattern continued throughout the ages, with breasts showing off, or not, in the proper ratio with the attitude of men age. Women are at the mercy of fashion these days - usually determined by men.
19th Century Paris to take her beginner

During the 19th century, women began to "stand" alone. They are tired of being told what they should or should not wear. They want freedom, and that includes their fashion style. Thus began the movement for women's clothing more comfortable than look bound and tied corset day. And as these new creations coming on the market, the patent ran wild. Since awarding the first patent for a 'corset substitute' in 1863, the U.S. government has registered over 1,200 patents breast support. It was a lot of support for the bra.

One example of the patent came in 1893 when Marie Tucek patented the 'breast supporter ", which has separate pockets for the breasts, with straps over the shoulders, and fastened with a closing hook-and-eye back. Sounds pretty much like a bra these days, is not it?

Other developments of the 19th century was the "falsies". The first pads made of wool, which is placed in corset boned. Later in that century, the French woman was able to buy rubber pads breast, called "lemon chest" - their name describes them well. bra pads are now accepted.

Modern bra appears

1913 saw the debut of the first modern bra. It was created by Mary Phelps Jacobs, who became so annoyed at her girdle bones sticking around the neck that he covered it with some silk handkerchiefs and some ribbon and attached it all together with some wires. His friends loved the idea and those who expressed their admiration of this lightweight fashion given one to try.

Many people asked him to share ideas, but when he received a letter from a stranger, with a dollar and demand "strange", he drew a line. He immediately sent a sketch designs to the patent office. The patent was granted in November, 1914 for the "Backless Brassiere". Mary named her new creation Caresse Crosby. bra is here to stay (although do not have anyway, as the corset).

But Mary talent in fashion design, not a business, and he had trouble managing his business. So he decided to sell the patent to Warner Brothers Corset Company for $ 1,500. That turned out to be a pretty good investment for Warner because, for 30 years, it acquired the company more than $ 15 million.

bra is joined by a line of intimate apparel

Until the creation of the bra, "intimate apparel" has consisted of heavy-boned, tight-laced corset. They may have been recognized as intimate with men, but women find them very uncomfortable. This bra brings new attitude to women's clothing. It is now an item of intimate apparel.

Mary Jacobs started ball rolling. Innovation started to develop as women discover their new freedom to move very liberating. bra, corset and stockings were looking very sexy, and give women confidence. Then, with the introduction of elastic fabric in 1920, the industry took off bra. In the 1930's, strapless or backless bra out. And then it is to standardize the size of the cup - now women can get a bra that actually fits comfortably.

Women are responsible for a medium-sized bra Ida Rosenthal, a Russian-Jewish immigrant. Her creation eventually turned into the beginning of one of the most famous intimate apparel company to this day - Maidenform.

During the roaring twenties, with that boyish look flat-chested, the discovery of Ida Rosenthal was not too popular. However, Ida courage, and she continues to promote her bra bust-flattering. With his idea of sizing, she is now able to market bras for girls and women of all ages, from puberty to maturity. A big advantage to this plan is the brand loyalty - if he can teens to wear training bras, then they will stay with Maidenform as they develop and grow. He has a customer for life! This idea is the basis of the industry Maidenform $ 40 million.

Bra-burning industry slows

In the 1960s, the emancipation of women is rampant, and women burned their bras in revolt, industrial bra taking heavy hits. But Ida Rosenthal, with the same enthusiasm and stick-to-it-effectiveness that he displayed earlier, was not deterred. He asked how this would affect their business bra burning. The answer is, "We are democracy. Someone has the right to dress or outfit. But after age 35, a woman does not have the numbers to put on does not support. Time is on my side" And indeed it was -. See industry today.
Women dream about all sorts of things - in their Maidenform Bra

Maidenform bra leads the way in the industry. their ad campaign, "I dreamed I was ..." doing very well. Seedlings planted - women can be anything they want if they put on Maidenform Bra. Picture guaranteed. bra it becomes not only a method of breast support, but displays them in various stages of dress and undress, all with the goal of making women look more sexy.

But practicality is important as well. Different types of bras are designed for different types of women's activities. If you are pregnant, you can buy bra maturnity. Once you have your baby, you can buy a nursing bra. Once you are done nursing, and before you lose the "baby weight", you can buy a bra full figured.

And for women who are a little larger than most, there are plus size bra. And not only plus size bra, but plus size lingerie and girdles - all sexy clothes for women that some people find so appealing.

For active women, there are sports bras athletics, providing extra support. For those evening dresses, strapless and backless no bra bra to complement the beautifully-adorned women at formal meetings. And teenage girls can proudly say, "Hey, I'm my first bra." And the training will help her bra as she grew and matured, and get ready for a regular bra.

Women with darker skin were targeted in advertising, with a dark colored bra offer - tan, black, brown - to help them feel comfortable and natural. And for women who like a little action on the side of daring, no see through bra sliding, and all kinds of sexy bras and intimate apparel that can be used to complement the sexy lingerie.

Women do some much in their freedom to fashion. They had lived through the days of tight-cinching yourself to look good. Now they can look good in any environment, in any surrounding. Wherever a woman went today, whatever he is, there is a bra that fit with its activities.

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