History of Lingerie

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The "lingerie" first

When we think of sexy lingerie, we think of light, thin material, usually translucent, draped adores the female body, which covers just enough to stimulate men easily influenced. But long before Christ, on the island of Crete, in the Mediterranean Sea, very brave woman. Their idea is lingerie corset boned corset, designed not to support, but to tease men, by encouraging their breasts and out, literally exposing them in all their splendor. Although they reached the "sexy" part, "lingerie" section was nothing like what we think of as clothing these days.

All the time, because each vision silhouette appears, clothing was created to meet and emphasize this form. There are, of course, two main elements in a silhouette - sculpture and butt. Some people want the statue to be prominent, while some feel that ass should be a "point of interest". One thing that never changes is that we are at the mercy of the teacher fashion - whatever they are saying is, that's what we use.
silhouette will switch from deep to soft

People in the Middle Ages felt that the silhouette must be controlled, especially breast, which they think should be firm and small. In those days, women wore many styles of corsets over their dresses, all with the same goal average of their breasts. And in some cases men do not pay attention to this equally flattering, some women actually attached small bells around their necks - bringing attention to the sway v clang.

During the Renaissance, the Spanish fashion experts saw the silhouette as padded - in all the right places. They want to see a woman with a cone-shaped breasts, flat stomach and narrow waist. And she was trying hard to achieve this look - more than a reasonable length, as we see now. They really need to have someone else wear them because their Facebook cinching corset done up on their backs and need a lot of power. In fact, they are bound and bound tight from Thanksgiving turkey.

It is reasonable silhouetted greeted with disapproval by proponents of good health. Doctors complain that women's corsets so tightly compressed body, their internal organs are being squeezed, and their ribs were pushed out of shape. It is quite common for women to swoon and faint - usually associated with fine natural female '. Actually, it's because they can not breathe! There was one report of a woman who actually died when his ribs were cinched so tightly that they pierced his heart. Wow - the cost of looking sexy!

In the 18th century, life becomes lighter, and clothing trends followed. Although the structure of Whalebone corsets female silhouette is still tight, there is a definite movement to combine artistry that marked the era. Bodice decorated with beautiful embroidery tape, and rope. And that's not the only one who attracted the attention of men - they are also pushing the breast up, threatening to jump straight out.

Then in the 18th century, people began to rebel against many things and corsets are no exception. Once again, the doctor talked about the danger of suppression of the body. And this time they heard - corset enough to actually have reinforced prohibited.

Soft silhouette highlighted

In the early 1800s, it was refined silhouette, ask for support that the old corset was given. So corset back, but with a more complicated method of construction. Boning was still used, but the portions are smaller, allowing for more movement. And because fashion today to look separately for breast, corset maker named Leroy came up with a model he called "divorce". (Maybe it's the name of it because at the time my husband got canceled, he'll lose interest, and the separation was not precede the divorce, instead!?) But seriously folks, it's a matter crochet and unlacing greeted by designer corsets - they developed a system that enables women to take off own clothes.

During the 1840's, with a very exaggerated silhouettes for women, Whalebone back into use, but this time with a big hurdle and crinolines, covered with all kinds of fabrics and trim. At that time, a man knew he'd found the fashionable woman if he could put his hands on her waist. And because women are still trying to attract men, they are more tightly cinched themselves.

Display-and-crinoline hoop was soon replaced by a soft silhouette-S, still using the corset, but add to the bustle back. Now they've made the bottom redundant. This is fine, except the women had to stand a lot because most of their asses covered by frenzied complicated. Of course, people like it because it gives them more opportunities to see them busy section.

As a fashion design become more innovative, more varieties of corsets created. Now you can get light-boned corset for the morning, boneless corset for the beach, an elastic corset for riding a horse, and a corset shirt to ride a bike. With all the activities women participated in, think about how much they need a corset!

This corset extended - then removed

At the end of the 19th century, the corset has become not only a supporter of the breast, but from the newly formed stockings. Owned by suspender socks attached garters and corsets - a very complex system of fraud.

At the beginning of the 20th century, corsets were laced down as far as the knee. But many people do not like that style, and fashion designers are leaning towards styles, uncorseted more free-flowing. Consequently, sexy lingerie for women about to take a new turn. With the advent of the industrial revolution and the invention of the sewing machine, Germany and France opened the first corset factories.

In 1913, Mary Phelps Jacob invented a new kind of bra. It's much softer and shorter than a corset. And it allows the breast to be formed in their natural state. When too many people are starting to ask Mary for design, she thought she should get protected. So he applied for a patent. He eventually sold the patent to the Warner Company.

After World War I, women began entering the workforce and the bodice is really not suitable for use in factories. They need a shorter skirt made from lightweight fabric conditioner and easy to care for. Another factor is that the war has taken its toll on their supplies of men, which means more competition to land a man - they need to look their sexiest!

Then came the Roaring Twenties, with it the complex. Fashion changed dramatically - boyish silhouette that makes the search a flat chest and abdomen, and hips straight and buttocks, leading the fashion industry to create a liberty bodice, camisole and bloomers - loose and light. And the long-awaited successor, plain old white appeared - pastel colored lingerie. The first bra designed to flatten the breasts, adding to the total look childish. corset was no longer needed - except for the bottom of the lift stockings. So the corset was shortened to the belt - belt suspenders.

The 30's brought back full-figured silhouette

The 30's brought along a complete change in the desired silhouette. her feminine side once again become a priority. Women are encouraged to look well-proportioned, full figured, but still pretty slim at the hips. Now she has a full set of lingerie for her own clothing - a breast-enhancing bra, elastic suspender belts and corsets, which stores all the curves in the right places.

One of the biggest advances in the lingerie industry came in 1930, when Dunlop Rubber invented Lastex. Lastex are elastic fibers can be interwoven with the fabric used to make fashion clothes. Now the industry can make clothing in various sizes, to properly fit a woman's shape.

But then came World War II, and with it, the lack of it. Germany can not import the fabrics they use and their industrial drying. People began to make out home-knitted garments whatever they could find. Not very sexy, to say the least. But they are warm.

After the war, comprising lingerie bra and suspender belt base. It is the norm for most women. But teenage girls emerged from the oppression of war, and looking for excitement, a target market. These teenagers are eager to grow, and wore a big step to get there. So the clothing industry started making sexy lingerie set that will attract the attention of young girls. And the German lingerie industry exploded.

Over in America, the apparel industry is making its own mark. Everyone is trying to create something new and different. The market is flooded with all kinds of innovations to help women look sexy. For example, Howard Hughes created a new bra - wire-reinforced design for Jane Russell's special. (Is that the one that gets the Oscar for "Best Support"?)

silhouette suffering as bras burned

As the 60s brought a wave of women's emancipation movement, feminists burned their bras. It's ironic that they have a lot of support for this movement, because now that they will burn their bras, their support was gone. And, later on, they will find that their support slump.

This motion gives heavy hit lingerie industry. Many producers were forced out of business. But on the positive side, Lycra had just discovered, and the women began to adorn the feet or tights, even better for men, sexy little mini-skirt. And with short skirts came the demand for bikini briefs.

In the 1980s, wire-reinforced bra has become the number one seller. For those who need the support adds, is still very popular today. Perhaps the biggest seller right now is a push-up bra.
silhouette today vary in shape - but it always looks good in sexy lingerie

Think how far lingerie has come - from push-up corsets of ancient Greece, to a push-up bra today. Sexy lingerie history proves one fact - some things never change. Obviously, the goal has not changed - she still wants to look sexy. The only thing that has changed is the method.

We now have a society that allows more freedom than in the past. We have lighter, lacier, sexy fabrics. We have more liberal ideas how that could grimace. And of course, the people are all for it. So the lingerie industry goal remains the same - to create an image of a woman desirable and sexy. And if you look at all the sexy lingerie website, you will see that the industry is to achieve its objectives. The right guys?

With lingerie to get more exposure and more in the mainstream media, apparel only growing in popularity. More recently, the Miss USA pageant contestants pose for their official photo shoot in lingerie lacy, an event that should have been looked down upon as "scum" several years ago, is now accepted by the general public. In this day and age of resources for garbage lingerie comments, tips, and advice can be found throughout the web.

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