History of Pizza

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To understand the history of pizza, it is important to recognize the material in question - tomato paste with herbs. Any materials hold clues of origin and time of creation. Like many typical story "origin", there are definitely mixed with myths and legends are made. Some details may be impossible to validate, but there is enough information that few conclusions can be drawn safely.

Culinary Humble Beginnings

Pizza does not start like pizza, which we know today. Most people consider pizza starts with the Italian, who will claim their place, but this is only partially true. We know that before our modern view of pizza with tomato sauce and lots of trim, it's humble beginnings back in the early Middle Eastern civilizations such as Greece, Israel and Egypt in the form patties. base plate consists of flour, water and olive oil - the same simple ingredients used in pizza dough today.

Flatbread is often cooked on stones or bricks in the kiln, then flavored with toppings cook it in hand. In general, it is a few herbs, olive oil and nothing else, including various meats. It was mostly farmers who eat simple foods that are too common for royalty in the last century. In fact, it was not until the 18th century when the tide began to turn to pizza patronage.
Ornamental decoration for the kitchen table

In the mid-16th century, tomatoes making their first arrival in Italy. Conflicts are no reports as to where and who brought the first tomatoes of the boot-shaped peninsula. Yet, strangely, it is believed that the fruit is actually poisonous and therefore only used as decoration.

It was during the 17th century that the people of Naples, Italy have increased courage and began to experiment with tomatoes as the food. It did not take long to increase the popularity and soon the news spread. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the use of tomato as a decoration has become a long memory and assume that he has lost a shame.
Pizza Margerita

In 1830 the official birth of the true pizza as we know it, began to take shape. This is partly due to visit the King of Italy and his wife Queen Margerita di Savoia a pizzaria called in Naples, "Antica Pizzeria Port 'Alba.' Of course, there is debate about the name of the exact location, citing "Pizzeria di Pietro" as an official symbol. The story is widely accepted that when a leader Raphael Esposito study trips, he chose to make a great impression by creating a pizza with the colors of the Italian flag: red, white and green he made. dough and add a layer of sliced tomatoes, mozzarella and white, green and fresh basil. When he expressed excitement at the pizza, it was a new menu item name, Margerita Pizza.

Pizza recipes Miscellaneous

Over time, the popularity and social acceptance in Italy increased for pizza, various alternatives have begun to be made and sold at the pizzeria on every street. For example, there Quatro Formaggio, which consists of four cheeses, mozzarella, stracchino, fontina and Gorgonzola. Fish is also used as a topping on pizza, like tuna. There are also some basic pancake patties pizza topped with pesto, mix variance garlic, basil pine nuts and lots of olive oil.

Introduction to America

Pizza made her face known to the United States in New York in 1905 to open a pizza restaurant by Gennaro Lombardi. However, as in Italy, it takes time for people to adapt to new foods, they are not familiar with. Pizza in the United States did not hit the big time until, ironically, after the Second World War. The soldiers who served abroad or close to first hand experience of Italian pizza in its original form is correct. Upon their return, they not only raved about the pizza, but betrayed the secret of making the pizza taste better Italian - herb oregano. This oregano, pizza sauce that gives a distinctive flavor, different from the usual marinara sauce poured over you see the spaghetti in a bowl of pasta. After the leaders started experimenting with poison, not only pizza will begin a trip to the heart of America, but ironically it is now regarded as the herb oregano staple in every herb garden.

Oregano is perhaps what helps give new spark delicious pizza, but there are other musicians involved in promoting road pizza. Pizza Hut first opened in 1930 so that the culinary experience. In 1943, the first born at Pizzeria Uno Chicago Chicago-style thick crust, not like the thin crust New York Style. In 1948 the first pizza mix packaged and sold on supermarket shelves.
Italian Love Affair with Pizza

However, the pizza got a little improvement with the real Italian pop legends such as Frank Sinatra, which is often seen eating pizza slices. And you can not cut the famous song by Dean Martin, That's Amore, featuring charming lyrics, "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, That's Amore ...". After hearing Dean Martin singing on a pizza, what America will instantly fall in love with the pizza? Shortly after that, in 1957, Celentano Brothers marketed and sold the stores first frozen pizza. It was an instant success, and soon pizza made the way to the family home from the East Coast to the West.

Although there will always be debate and skepticism about the origins of the concept of pizza first, there are no mistakes in how pizza has traveled for centuries. flatbread simple farmer, upscale pizzeria downtown, this graceful love food far reaching world wide.

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