How to Eliminate Body Odor permanently

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How to eliminate body odor. Many people use various ways of eliminating body odor. This collection of articles will give you tips on how to eliminate body odor effectively and permanently. If you want to know how menghilakan body odor, there are a few things you should know some background menculnya the body odor.


How to eliminate body odor can not be separated from how to determine the occurrence of body odor. Body odor occurs because the bacteria pembusukanoleh body odor through the sweat produced by the sweat glands (apocrine glands = apocrine). The sweat that comes out of our body contains water, salts and metabolic waste. This process naturally.

The number of apocrine gland odor is not the same in every person, there are times when a person has more apocrine glands than others so more sweat production, as well as the number of bacteria more body odor body odor resulting disseminate greater.


• Body odor can occur due to several factors in its favor. By knowing the factors - these factors, we can figure out how to eliminate body odor and do everything possible to prevent it.
• Heredity factors.
• Being overweight.
• Psychological factors.
• Liquor, cigarettes and drugs - drugs (eg antibiotics).
• Factor food (too much consumption of goat meat, durian, banana, garlic).
• Factors body hygiene.
• Hormonal factors (especially at puberty).


How to eliminate body odor following is a natural way that does not cause side effects and should be done consistently if you want to see the results.

1. Shower at least 2 times a day and dry the body with a clean towel, this will keep the body clean and it is one way of healthy living.
2. Make a habit of eating basil leaves.
3. Sliced ​​cucumber - sliced ​​behavior wipe or rub on the body, especially in the folds such as the armpits.
4. Avoid foods that contain lots of fat.
5. Eating lots of vegetables and drink water.
6. Stop the use of talcum powder or deodorant because it will make your skin sticky and etched on the shirt.
7. If you need to shave the underarms and genital areas kept clean because if it is less, will be the breeding of germs and bacteria.
8. How the above is not an instant but the result is good if you consistently do.
9. If you are a busy and want an instant natural way, you can prove the quality of the results CRYSTAL ANTI-perspirant that you can feel in 24 hours.

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