Indonesian children Bende testament story

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Tiger was busy reflecting on the river while washing his face. "Hmm, I'm too manly, muscular and strong body. lorengku color is very beautiful, "said the tiger in the liver. Arrogance makes tiger bossy and do
 arbitrarily to other animals that are smaller and weaker. The deer finally could not stand anymore. "Absolutely outrageous si
 tiger! "said Mouse Deer with anger. "She must be taught a lesson! I'll give up! Thoughtfully, deer meet half way with rabbits. They talked about the tiger's behavior and trying to find an idea how to make the tiger cured.

After a long silence, "Well, I have an idea," said the deer suddenly. "But you must help me," said the deer. "Look,
 you say the tiger that I've beat you because it has been bothering me, and tell me also on the tiger that I will beat anyone who dared to disturb me, including the tiger, since I'm running an important task, "said the deer in rabbits. "What important task, Cil" asked the rabbit surprised. "Already, just say so, if the tigers later
 looking for me, he was escorted down a large tree at the end of that road. I'll wait for Tiger there. "" But I'm afraid CIL, ya right plan will succeed? "Said the rabbit. "Believe me, if you fail the deer do not call me a clever". "Yeah, yeah. I believe, but you do not get cocky, you'll actually be more arrogant than the tiger again. "

The kelincipun goes to see tigers lounging. The rabbit was a little nervous to tell what happened to him. After hearing the story of rabbits, tigers became furious to hear. "What? Hare going to hit me? Grr, dare he!!, Said the tiger. As expected, the tiger asked to be delivered to the deer. "That's the hare!" Hare said, pointing to a large tree at the end of the road.

"We're almost there, tiger. I'm afraid, wait do not tell me the deer if I told you, I'll be beaten again, "said the rabbit. The rabbit ran into the bush.

"Hi deer!!! I hear you're going to hit me huh? "Tanya said, angry tiger. "Do not talk so loud, I was given the task of importance". "What important task? '.

Then the hare round the pointed object, which depends on the branch of a tree on it. "I have to keep bende will." Bende testament what is it? "Tanya tiger surprised. "Bende is a kind of a small gong, but this is not just any bende bende, melodious voice that was hit once, can not be painted with words. Tiger was curious. "I may not hit?, Who knows who else dizzy head will go away after hearing the melodious sound of bende it." "No, no," said Mouse Deer. Tigers continue to persuade the Kancil. After a long debate, "Okay, but I go first, do not blame me if anything happened to you?", Said the deer.

After the hare go, Tiger immediately climbed a tree and hit bende it. But it happens. Turns out it's a honeycomb bende! Nguuuung! .. Nguuuung! .. Nguuuung! .. Bunch of angry bees out of the hive because it feels threatened. The bees were chased and stung the Tigers. "Help! Help! "Tiger yelled in pain as he ran. He kept running towards the river. Byuur! The tiger immediately jumped into the river. He eventually survived the bee attack. "Grr, watch you hare!" Tiger shouted with anger. "I lied again. But pusingku really be missing it? ".
 Although not heard the melodious bende wills, tigers are not too upset, because the head is not dizzy anymore.

"Hahaha! Look at the mighty Tiger was scuttled stung by a bee, "said the deer." Small and weak animals do not always lose it? ". "I hope Tiger can take advantage of this incident," the rabbit said hopefully. "

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