Kids Story ANTS and pupae

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In a lush green forest, wild animals and various life tame. There are rabbits, birds, cats, dragonflies, butterflies and more. On one day, stormy forest very powerful. The wind was blowing hard, hit a tree and leaves. Kraak! sound of branches broken. Many animals can not save himself, except the ants taking refuge in the soil. New storm stopped when morning came. The sun shone warm again.

Suddenly emerging from the soil of an ant. The ant sheltered from the storm because he could get into the nest in the ground. While walking, he saw a cocoon of leaves lying on a broken limb. The ant muttered, "Hmm, what's the worst of being cocooned, stuck and can not go anywhere". "Being a cocoon is embarrassing!". "Look at me, can go anywhere I want", sneered ant pupae. Ants kept repeating his words for all animals successfully met.

A few days later, the ants walking on muddy roads. He did not realize that the mud can suck himself stepped deeper. "Oh, it is difficult to walk on the muddy like this," complained the ants. Over time, the ants getting lost in the mud. "Help! please, "cried the ant." Well, it looks like you are having trouble huh? "The ant was amazed to hear that voice. He looked kesekelilingnya find the source of the sound. He saw a beautiful butterfly
 flying toward him. "Hi, I'm an ant cocoon before you mock. Now I've become a butterfly. I could go anywhere with my wings. See! now you can not walk in the mud, right? "" Well, I'm aware of. I apologize for taunting. Will you help me now? "Said the ant butterflies.

Finally butterfly help ants stuck in mud suckers. Soon, the ants are free of mud suckers. Once freed, ant to thank the butterflies. "It's okay, it is our duty to help the trouble is not it?, So you do not taunt the other animals again?" For every creature definite advantages and disadvantages given by the Creator. Since then, ants and pupae became close friends.

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