Lust or Carnality

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Lust is an emotional force which is directly related to thoughts or fantasies about one's desire, usually relating to sex.

a. Lust In Islam

"Lust" is composed of two words: air (الهوى) and lust (النفس). In the Malay language, 'lust' means desire, inclination or a strong impulse. When coupled with the word carnal (lust), usually associated with a strong impulse to do things which are not good. Sometimes meaningful sense, if associated with food. Also mean infatuation lust or desire for intercourse. The three words of this (sex, passion and lust) is derived from the Arabic:

• Eve (الهوى): deeply in love; wills
• Lust (النفس): soul; life; soul, body; oneself; wills; intentions; taste; business
• Lust (الشهوة): the desire to get a LaZat; lust.

There is a group of people regard the passions as "the devil that resides in man," whose job is to carry humans to the wickedness or denial. Sensual indulgence will bring men to destruction. As a result of the satisfaction of desire is much more expensive than the pleasure derived from it. The passions that can not be controlled can damage a person's potential.

Virtually every person is created with tremendous potential, but lust can hinder potential came up. The potential in question here is the potential to create justice, peace, security, prosperity, unity and other good things. However, due to constraints passion that is in a person's potential is not able to appear kepermukan (the reality of life). Therefore purify oneself or control the passions is a must for anyone who wants a balance, happiness in life because just by walking on the right lines alone can achieve the human family.

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