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Mainboard sense of the word we can trace constituent. The word computer mainboard in terms of uptake of the English language is that, as we know consists of the word "main" primary meaning. And the word "board" means the board. So if translated directly, meaning mainboard is the "main board".

By definition, the mainboard is defined as a main circuit board where the installation of some components such as VGA cards, memory Lan Cards, TV Tuner, Video card, and more. In short, understanding rangkain mainboard is the main board on the computer, where the processor, memory, and other periphreal attached.

Mainboard is sometimes also called the motherboard. We do not need to be confused about the mention mainboard or motherboard, motherboard because the word has a similar meaning, namely "the parent board. A mainboard mainboard is usually a built-in CPU.

In the world of business and selling our computer might encounter the abbreviation "MB" for the mainboard. And by chance, these abbreviations can also be used for said motherboard. Thus, both abbreviations and terms have in common with the understanding mainboard motherboard.

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