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In ancient times there lived a turtle and an eagle. Although the turtles and eagles rarely met because the turtles spend more time disemak bushes while the more eagles fly, but did not deter the hawks to always visit a good-natured little friend, the turtle.

The family of turtles are very friendly and always greet with joy the coming of the eagles. They also always give the food a very royalnya eagle. So the eagles have always many times to come as free food from the family turtle. After every meal of the turtle family always laughs at the hawk turtles: "ha ha how stupid the tortoise, I can feel the pleasure of the food that she always gave, but he might not be able to feel the joy of my food because my lair lies far above the mountain "

Because so often the laughing falcon and selfishly spend on food the turtle, then the whole forest began to gossip about the attitude of the eagle. The forest dwellers are not like the casual attitude of the eagle to the tortoise kind. One day a frog calling turtle who was walking near the river. "Hi my friend the turtle, give me a bowl of peas, then I will give you words of wisdom" cried the frog. After spending a bowl of peas from the turtle, the frog said again: "the tortoise, the eagle has abused friend friendship and kindness. After every visit at the nest, always taunting him by saying "ha ha how stupid the tortoise, I can feel the pleasure of eating that she always gave, but he might not be able to feel the joy of my food because my lair located far above the mountain" . On one day the eagle will come back and will ask for a basket of food from you and promise to deliver food to you and your children "

It is true the words of the frog, the eagle came in with a basket and as always the hawk enjoying food from the turtles. The eagle said: "O my turtle, let me fill my basket with food from you, it will sent it to the child my wife and my wife would give homemade food for his wife and daughter." Then the eagle flew and came back laughing at the tortoise. Then immediately the turtle into the basket and covered with fruits vegetables by his wife, so it is not visible. When the eagle's back, the wife of the tortoise said that her husband had just gone and giving baskets filled with food for the eagles. The eagle flew rushing, carrying the basket.

Back he laughs at the stupidity of the turtles. But this time the turtles themselves heard his words. They came to the eagle's nest, and the eagle takes the contents of the basket right away until they run out. What a surprise to see the turtles out of the basket. "Hi my friend the eagle, you have often visited lair but I've never even visited the nest. It seems that I will be very berbahagianya can enjoy your food as you enjoy the food. "How angry the eagle because he felt tersindir. Angrily, he pecked her tortoise-shell kura.Namun thanks to the turtle house is hard, turtles can not be pecked by the eagle. With the sad tortoise said: "I've seen what kind of friendship you offer me hai the eagle. How disappointed I am. Well Take me back to my lair and our friendship will end. "The elangpun said:" Well if you wish. I'll take you home "But evil thoughts arising in the eagles themselves. "I will bring you down and eat the remains of yourself" he thought again.

Thus, the turtle holds the feet of the high-flying eagle. "Disconnect my feet" cried the angry hawk. Patiently the tortoise replied: "I will deliver your feet when you've led me back to my lair" with the eagle was upset high-flying, menungkik and shook his leg with the hope of the turtles will fall. But there is no point. Finally he lowered the turtle in the nest, and immediately fly high with shame.

When the eagle flies, the tortoise exclaims: "O my friendship requires mutual sharing with each other. I respect you and appreciate kaupun. However, since you are making our friendship just a game, my family and I laugh hospitality then you should no longer have to come to me ".

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