Miracle On Camel

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Fifty-five degrees Celsius is the temperature of the burning. That's the hot weather in the desert, an area that seemed endless and sprawling up in the distance. Here there is a sandstorm that engulfed everything in its path, and a very disturbing breathing. Desert means an inevitable death for someone with no protective trapped in it. Only vehicles that are specifically made for this purpose that can survive in desert conditions.

Any vehicle that runs on the condition that the summer heat in the desert, should be designed to be able to withstand exposure to heat and sand storms. In addition, he should be able to walk away, with little fuel and a little water. Machine capable of withstanding the most difficult conditions are not motorized vehicles, but an animal, namely camels.

Camel has helped people who live in the desert throughout history, and has become a symbol for life in the desert. Desert heat is fatal to other creatures. Apart from a small number of insects, reptiles and some other small animals, no animals can live there. Camels are the only large animals that can live there. God has created it specifically to live in the desert, and to serve human life. God directs our attention to the creation of the camel in the following paragraph:

أفلا ينظرون إلى الإبل كيف خلقت
It means: "Do not they look at the camel how it was created." (Surat al-Ghaasyiyah, 88:17)

If we observe how the camel was created, we will see that every little detail of it is a miracle of creation. That is needed to burn in the desert heat conditions are drinking, but it's hard to find water here. Find something that can be eaten at the endless expanse of sand also seems impossible. Thus, animals living here must be able to withstand hunger and thirst, and camels have been created with this capability.

Camels can survive up to eight hours at a temperature of fifty degrees without eating or drinking. When the camel is able to walk for long periods without drinking water source is found, it will save it. Camels can drink as much water as a third of their weight in ten minutes. This means that one hundred and thirty liters in one drink, and the storage is a camel's hump. About forty pounds of fat stored here. This makes the camel can travel for days in the desert without any food.

Most food in the desert is dry and thorny. But the camel's digestive system has been created in accordance with this difficult condition. Animal teeth and mouth has been designed to allow them to eat thorns sharp with ease.

His stomach has its own special design that is strong enough to digest nearly all plants in the desert. Desert wind that suddenly appear are usually a sign of the coming storm of sand. Grains of sand smothering and blinding. But, God has created a special protection system on a camel, so he was able to withstand these tough conditions. The eyelids protect the eyes of a camel from the dust and grains of sand. However, the eyelid is also transparent or translucent, so the camel can still see even with eyes closed. Her eyelashes long and thick, specially created to prevent entry of dust into the eyes. There is also a special design on camel's nose. When a sandstorm hit, he covered his nose with a special cover.

One of the greatest danger to vehicles that run on a desert island is mired in the sand. But this does not happen on a camel, even though he was carrying cargo weighing hundreds of pounds, because his legs were created specifically for walking on sand. The width of your foot kept him from sinking into the sand, and serves as the snowshoes. Long legs and her body away from the surface of the burning sand beneath. Camel's body covered by a dense and thick hair. It protects from the sun and the temperature of freezing desert after sunset. Some parts of his body covered with a thick layer of protective skin. Thick layers are placed on certain parts in contact with the ground as he sat in the scorching sand. This prevents the camel so as not to burn the skin. Thick layer of skin is not growing and slowly formed; but the camel was born that way. This particular design shows the perfection of the creation of a camel.

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