Run a Relay Race

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Connect or run a relay race is one race on the athletics competitions held alternately or relay. In a continued shift away there are four runners, the runners first, second, third, and fourth. There continued to run on a number of specificity that will not be found on another runner number, ie move the stick, running faster than the previous runner to the next runner. Relay number is a number that is often diperlombakan 4 x 100 meters and 4 x 400 meters. In doing away grafting techniques are not necessary but the giving and receiving staff in the zone or area of change and adjustment of the distance and speed of each runner.


a. No. Techniques Exercise Running Exercise Techniques to Connect Reception Sticks 1 By way of seeing (visual) Runners who receive a stick to do it running while turning his head to look at the stick given by the previous runner. 2 By the way do not see the (non visual) Runners who receive a stick, holding out his hand running backwards. The next runner before putting a stick into the hands of the runners afterwards.

No Technical Training Provision and Reception Sticks 1 From the Bottom If the donor gives the stick with his right hand then the receiver uses the left hand. We will give the stick, swing the stick from back to front through the bottom. While the hands of the receiver is ready in the back with your palms facing down. The thumb is wide open, while the other fingers clenched. Hands of the receiver is below the waist. 2 From the above If the donor gives the stick with his left hand then the recipient is also using his left hand.

b. Substitution area Sticks How to Place Between No runner-runner to runner 1 1 In the first start with the track in turn two runners to second in the second start with three straight track runner to third in the third start with the track bends to the 4 Runners 4 In the area start the fourth with a straight line and ends at the finish line

c. Things to Look for in Running Relay 1. Provision should be crossed sticks, the runners 1 and 3 hold the stick in his right hand, while the runners 2 and 4 accept / hold the stick in his left hand. 2. The placement of the runners should be tailored to the features of each runner. For example, 1 and 3 selected runners who are really good in the neighborhood. 2 and 4 runner is a runner who has good durability. 3. Distance runners waiting 2, 3, and 4 should really be measured exactly as in the time of exercise. 4. After giving the baton should not be out of the path respectively.

d. Regulation of Race 1. The length of the turn of the baton is 20 meters, a width of 1.2 meters for runners and 4 x 100 meter relay ditambabh pre-zone of 10 meters. Pre-zone is an area where the runners will go to accelerate his running, but here there is not a replacement stick. 2

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