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During this time you may wonder why others can sleep more briefly than you and stay fresh all day, while you can not sleep less than 8 hours without dozing off during the day. Apparently, the "talent sleep" every person is different. Our bodies have a sleep program varies according to our genetic makeup.

In an effort to find the cause of a genetic difference between the amount of sleep, a group of European researchers led by Karla Allebrandt from the University of Munich presented the findings at the annual meeting American Society of Human Genetics, Washington (5/11).

The scientists have studied DNA samples 4.260 people from seven European countries and its correlation with sleep habits. The researchers then look for genetic similarities among the volunteers who sleep more or fewer. In this way, they found that genes significantly affect sleep ABCC9 volunteers. When allowed to sleep as much as desired, volunteers who have two first variant gene was sleeping on average 6% less than those with two variants of these genes, which is about 7.5 hours vs. 8 hours.

Prior to this, other genes are also known to affect sleep Dec2, but the association was only found in some families and not in the general human population. ABCC9 is the first gene that seems closely related to sleep everyone.

This gene encodes a protein SUR2 role and are involved in the processing of potassium inside cells. Because SUR2 protein is also associated with diabetes and heart disease, this finding may be of interest to scientists studying these diseases and how this relates to the patient's sleep patterns.

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