The Good Sleep Position

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How to position your bed? How good sleep can prolong life and reduce your risk of back pain and fatigue.

sleep on

When you feel comfortable with the bed tilted, you should tilt your body to the right. As well as sleeping face down, sleep on his side to the left will burden the heart with your weight. At the same time, the heart is to pump blood. It is the heart that can lead to fatigue fatal in the long run.

Side sleeping position is best "way to sleep baby" is with his back arched and legs slightly bent to the chest. This position reduces pressure on the spine, breathing easier, and frees the body organs. Use pillows were a little hard on the head and neck to relieve pressure on the shoulders. Insert the pillow between the legs so that the foundation of the body is not too centered on the hips and cause fatigue.

Sleep on your back

Sleep on your back is very good if you have back pain. Insert a pillow under your knees to relieve leg beneficial lower back.

sleeping on his stomach

This is the worst sleeping position for suppressing the heart, lungs and abdomen. However, if for one thing you have to sleep on his stomach, use a pillow under your stomach and waist. Avoid using a pillow at the head or reduce its size because it will push your neck.

Almost every person shifting position during sleep. When you start sleeping position may be different from when you wake up. Change of position was reasonable, as long as not excessive. To reduce the change of position so often that harm your body, use a soft cushion and hard enough and clean bed linen or badcover so as not to cause itching.

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