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Everyone is looking for ways to get the best solution gap and won the competition. Here is some good news - it's not so difficult. Here's more good news - not difficult at all. Franklin Covey Center for Advanced Research (CAR) conducted an extensive five-year study to measure the level of engagement between employees and the organization in which they work. CAR study the same economic sector nine U.S. Census Bureau uses for research. They interviewed nearly 6800 employees in 530 companies in both the public and private sectors. The result? Percentage of employees embarrassing at work do not know what their employers' annual goals. In fact, most can not name a single organizational goals.

The bottom line, according to CAR: "When a large number of American workers show up for work every day do not know why they are there or what they were supposed to do all day, it means that American business is a very inefficient operation, and that means poor service and higher profits lower. '

See why I say it's not hard to get a leg up on the competition? Here are five simple ways to set yourself apart in the market:

1. Think "Alignment" - Before you can create a link between your performance goals and those of your company, you need to know what your company's initiatives and goals. Take the time to learn about your organization's strategic plan and / or talk to your boss about your performance to make sure that the company is in line with what you intend to achieve.

2. Think of the "Vision" - Once you understand what the company intends to achieve, you can create a vision for how you intend to contribute to the success of your organization. You can not hit a target you can not see, so prepare "written" plan for what you will accomplish is critical to creating performance excellence.

3. Think of "objective" - ​​". If you can not measure it, you can not manage it "Remember the old adage, Brian Tracy was written goals call" fuel for the furnace of achievement. "For the purpose of having the power, it should be measured. Less than five percent of people have written goals to improve performance and productivity. Just write down your goals gives you a jump on the competition.

4. Think "Action" - Achievement is about doing - not about dreaming. Intentions are just not enough when it comes to you to be an outperformer. The only measure of what you believe you can accomplish what you are doing. Develop a plan of action every day. Work on your most important goals everyday carve out the time to perform the tasks or activities that will achieve your goals.

5. Think of "Support" - Success and achievement are (almost) never achieved in a vacuum. You will need help to achieve meaningful goals. Whether it's help from your employer to allow you to carve out time to work on things that are most important, or team members who have the skills or abilities you have, you will not succeed alone. Ken Blanchard said: "None of us are as smart as all of us." When you make your plans to perform at a higher level, including the resources you will need to succeed.

Getting a leg up on the competition is not as difficult as you thought it would. It's just a matter of thinking and working a little smarter than others to work with you. Make sure that what you are doing - every day - is in line with what your company needs to do to help achieve company goals.

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