The story of Monkey and Chicken Children

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Children's Story - A long time ago, there was a chicken in a friendly with a monkey. But the friendship did not last long, because the behavior of the monkeys. On the evening of The Apes took the chickens to walk around. When it was evening the monkeys began to feel hungry. Then he caught the chicken and began to pluck their feathers. The chicken was thrashed with a vengeance. Finally, he can escape.

He ran hard. Fortunately, not far from where it was the residence of the Crab. The crab is a true friend of him. With haste he went into the residence of the Crab. There he was greeted with delight. Then, The Crab narrate all the events that happened, including the betrayal of the Apes.

Hearing that eventually the Crab can not receive treatment the Apes. He said, "let us give lessons ape who knows the meaning of friendship." Then he laid a ploy to deceive the Apes. They finally agreed to invite the monkey to go sailing to the island across the full fruits. But the boat was going to wear a homemade boat made ​​of clay.

Then the chicken is inviting the monkey to sail to the island opposite. With the greedy monkey soon approve the invitation. A few days later, begin their journey. When the boat until the middle of the sea, they then berpantun. The Rooster crowing "I holes ho!" Si Crab replied "Wait till in one!"

Each time say so then the chicken-pecker mencotok boat. Eventually the boat was leaking and they were drowned. The Crab with tangkasnya dive to the ocean floor. The chicken was simply flying into the ground. Stay The Apes are struggling for help. Since he could not swim he finally drowned.

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