The story of the Wise Child Thief

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Once upon a time there was a rich king. The King was so convinced of the fairness of rules and decisions made. "Rules are Rules" he told advisers royal advisor. He never allowed any exceptions to every implementation decisions made.

One day a royal bodyguard a beggar who was caught sneaking settles intend to steal bread from the royal kitchen. The king was furious and ordered that the thief was hanged because that is the punishment for a thief.

"But I am nonetheless very poor and hungry, while the Lord King has everything else. Certainly nothing wrong with a bit of cheese and bread I ask. Yeah .... I did not ask for permission because I am actually not a thief. There was no one. Who do I need to ask permission? "The thief said.

"Sorry ....., no exceptions Guards, Take this thief to the gallows" the king.

"Ah .., unfortunately." Complained thieves while traveling in front of the royal bodyguards. "From now on a big secret from my father will die with me. But I'm glad that I did not leak in the presence of the Lord King. "

"What did you say? What's the big secret? Come on, tell me the secret. "Said the guard wanted to know.

"If the Lord King planted pomegranate seeds, pomegranate seeds that will grow and bear fruit overnight. If there is no me, can that happen? That's a secret that my father taught me and I have to keep secret. "She said with a wistful.

Royal bodyguards stopped and thought for a moment, "Maybe .... The Lord King wants to experience before you die. We turned back to the Lord King. "She said. He rushed thief facing the king with the intention that the thief explains that she kept secret.

The King also was curious. "On a secret that you have to show me" said the king then ordered his guards not believe pomegranate plucked from the garden kingdom.

Together with Employees kingdom, and the King's Royal Guards Thief poor go to the garden kingdom. The thief started digging and making small pools of pomegranate seeds in hand. But he did not immediately put an apple seed into a small puddle that was in him. Then he stood up and said, "I can make a miracle, if other people are putting this pomegranate seeds into a small puddle of it .. I myself can not put this apple seeds to the small puddle. Only someone who has never steal or take something from someone else, what rights should not be putting these pomegranate seeds. Since I am a thief, then it must be one of the guys who did it. "

Employees kingdom, Royal Guards and the King was silent. The situation became silent. There was only the sound of birds chirping and bees buzzing.

The thief turned to the Royal Guards and pleaded, "Would Mr. pomegranate seeds put this?"

Royal Guards began to tremble and said softly, "pomegranate seed would not grow, if I were put. Back when I was younger, I never stole a knife from my neighbors. "When you finish talking, Royal Guards did not dare look in the eye, The Thief and turned his gaze.

The thief then turned to the clerk kingdom and said, "Would my lord do so?"

Employees kingdom was pale and bowed his head, "I can not do it," he said softly, "I work every day with a lot of money. And so far I have a lot of taking money from the cash for my own good. "

Now Living the Lord King. Said the thief, "My lord my king, Tuankulah the only person who has never taken the property of another person who is not a right, sire. So, would my lord the king put pomegranate seeds this? "

Suddenly the king's face turned white. He paused in silence and then wiggles his shoulders.

"Every thing that glitters is always preferred small children," said Mr. King began his story, "The little boy always wanted to know. I remember when I was a kid. I was in severe legal time since I took a royal diamond necklace owned by father and hid it in my room. I did not know at that time that the necklace is worth and value to the kingdom. I just see it like a star gems the shining star and rainbow colors will shine on the wall, when the sun shone. "After the King finished, the atmosphere became quiet again.

Then the thief broke the silence by saying, "The Lord King, Lord was a powerful and rich. None needy. And now none of you were able to grow this pomegranate seeds. Oh ... so unfortunate fate. The new I would take the bread, that sense of lost laparku be hanged. "He complained.

"You really wise" The king said suddenly, looking at Thief who looked very sad. "You have shown us that no one is perfect. If the rules are not enforced as strongly today, then we would not be here with you. I canceled gantungmu legal decision. You are free. And as a token of my thanks for the wisdom you have shared with us, I reward you belong ayahandaku royal diamond necklace. Leave now You have opened my eyes. And in the future will rule with mercy. Justice must keep running. "

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