There Allergen-Allergen anywhere

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5. There Allergen-Allergen anywhere?

1. Everywhere ......

We have seen that allergens are special types of antigens that cause allergic reactions. The symptoms and diseases caused depends on most of the route of entry and the level of exposure to allergens. The chemical structure of allergens affect the course of exposure. Pollen in the air, for example, will have little impact on the skin. They are easily inhaled and so will cause more symptoms of nasal and lung and skin symptoms limit. While allergens are swallowed or injected they will run into other parts of the body and provoke symptoms that are remote from the point of entry. For example, allergens in foods may be able to speed up the release of mediator-arbitrator (mediators) in the skin and cause hives.

We will assume that allergens are defined as: the source of the ingredients that produce allergies (for example, a cat), the material itself (cat dander), or specific proteins that provoke an immune response (eg, Feld1). Feld1, from Felis domesticus (cat benign), is the most important chemical allergen in cat dander. Allergens may be inhaled, ingested (eaten or swallowed), applied to the skin, or injected into the body either as a medicine or inadvertently by an insect sting.

2. In the Air That We Breath

Breathing can be hazardous if you are allergic. Besides oxygen, air contains a wide variety of particles, some toxic, some infectious, and including some harmless allergens. Common diseases from air allergens are hay fever, asthma and conjunctivitis. The following allergens are generally harmless, but can trigger allergic reactions when inhaled by sensitive individuals.

3. In the What We Eat

While foods and ingested drugs, allergen-allegen may be able to access into the blood stream and become attached to specific IgE in cells at distant places such as the skin or nasal membranes. The ability of allergens to travel explains how symptoms can occur in different areas of the digestive tract. Allergic reactions to food can start swelling of the tongue or throat and may be followed by numbness (tingling), nausea, diarrhea, or abdominal cramps. Difficulty breathing with the nose or skin reactions may also occur. The two main groups that ingested allergens are:

• Food: The most common foods that cause allergic reactions are cow's milk, fish, shellfish, eggs, beans, nuts, herbs, soy, and wheat.
• Drugs (when drunk): for example, antibiotics and aspirin

4. We touched skin

Allergic contact dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin caused by a local allergic reaction. The majority of local skin reactions does not involve IgE, but is caused by inflammatory cells. Rash caused is similar to that of a poisonous ivy rash. It should be noted that when some allergens (eg, latex) come into contact with the skin, they are absorbed by the skin and can also cause reactions throughout the body, not only on the skin only. For most people, however, the skin is a great barrier that can only be affected locally. Examples of allergic contact dermatitis include:

• Latex (causing reactions IgE and non-IgE)
• Plants (poison ivy and oak)
• Substance dyes (Dyes)
• Chemicals
• Metal-metal (nickel)
• Cosmetics-Cosmetics

Allergic contact dermatitis does not involve IgE antibodies, but involving cells of the immune system is programmed to react when triggered by a sensitizing allergen. Touching or rubbing elements / materials ever made before could trigger sensitive your skin rash (skin rash).

That Injected Into the Body

Reactions that can occur when the most severe allergens injected into the body and get direct access into the blood stream. Access brings the risk of common reactions, such as anaphylaxis, which can be life-threatening. Here are allergens most commonly injected to cause a reaction-severe allergic reaction:

• insect venom
• Drugs
• Vaccines (including allergy injections)
• The hormones (eg, insulin)

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