Three Children Sekawan

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Once upon a time, there lived a mother pig with 3 children.
 Children born extremely lazy and neglect their work.
 Children who are very greedy, unwilling to work, and it works
 just eat. His youngest brother does not like, he son
 the diligent work. One day my mother said to the young pig
 his son, "Since you are an adult, you have to live independently
 and make their homes ". The youngest thought the house
 like what would be founded.

The eldest without bother to make a home of
 straw. The youngest said, "If the straw house will be destroyed
 when there is no wind or rain. " "Oh yes, yes! Then I will
 home made of wood only, so if there are strong winds, "said
 the middle. After completion of the youngest back saying, "if
 wooden house though windproof but will break if hit ". The
 brother became angry, "You're slowly making the home of
 batamu stone, if the day was the evening wolves will come. "
 The youngest was determined to make a home of bricks that has not wavered
 by wind or wolf attack. Malampun arrived, during the full moon, the youngest
 been completed. The next day, the youngest invited her siblings, then they go to
 Pig's mother's house. "Great kids, from now on you live by cultivating the fields
 himself, "said Mrs. Pig. Both the youngest brother grumbled. "No ah, cape!," They grumbled.
 Towards dusk had arrived, they said goodbye to their mother. On the way, a sudden
 a wolf following them. "I will take a lazy pig who lives in the house
 straw, "said the wolf. When they reached the front door he kicked the eldest
 door. "Open the door!" He shouted. The eldest was shocked and quickly locked the door. But
 more cunning wolf. He immediately blew the straw house that collapsed.

The eldest brother ran terrified into the house made of wood Central. Although the door
 has been locked, the wolf immediately broke the wooden house to pieces. Wolf
 moved toward the two piglets were embraced with fear. Both
 ran with all his might to the house of the youngest. "Quick lock the door!, Later
 we eat, "said the eldest.

The youngest son quietly locked the door. "Do not worry,
 my house will not waver, "said the youngest, laughing. When
 serigal up, he kicked, broke down many times
 but instead the wolf whose body was in pain. Wolves finally
 up and then go home. Since then, three
 piglet's life together, and the wolf never came

One day, the three sons of pigs went to the hill to pick apples. The wolf suddenly appeared
 there. Piglets straight up into the trees to escape. Wolves are not
 can climb trees waiting under the tree. The youngest thinks, then he
 shouted, "Wolves, kaupasti hungry. Do you like apples? ", The youngest immediately throw
 an apple. Starving wolves chasing apples rolling straight.
 "Now let's run". Eventually they all survived.

A few days later, the wolf came to the house of the youngest to take the stairs
 long. The wolf climbs down the chimney. The youngest who saw it
 shouted, "Quick turn on the fire in the furnace". The eldest lit the fire, the youngest
 bring cauldron of hot water.

The wolf is in the chimney, his ass is not overheated
 bearable. Unfortunately for the wolf, when he wanted to run
 himself, he slipped and fell right into the boiling water.
 "Waa!", Wolves quickly ran. Because the whole body
 wound, then he becomes a wolf bare.

Since then, three piglets to live well,
 lading to manage their fields. The eldest and the middle
 now a diligent work as the youngest. Mother pigs are
 happy to see their children live with harmony and peace.

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