10 Important Role You Boyfriend for Life

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Has it occurred, what the heck wrote an important role in the lives of your girlfriend? Many couples who responded with different opinions and views. Each couple has their own assumptions of the important role the presence of her boyfriend or lover. Infodari even have an opinion about the role 10 girlfriends for you. Want to know any kind?

In general, boyfriend or lover is someone you make a place for love and devote more attention to the opposite sex, which is more than love to your friends. Has not it? There are various myths about love you know. It also sometimes makes people have different views on the meaning of a girlfriend. So in fact, what an important role in the lives of your girlfriend more complete:

1. Girlfriend place devoted affection.

As previously mentioned earlier, that the outpouring of affection for girlfriend will usually be greater than compassion for a friend. You can show your affection with a variety of positive things. But not infrequently also compassion makes one a possessive.

2. Girlfriend could be anybody in life

Girlfriend can become friends, friends, even a big brother or sister. Whatever the situation, the girlfriend will be your best friend to share stories, vent and complain about your life, when you're happy, sad, or even difficult. Ego drown each other, it was very well maintained in dating. Be a friend when your girlfriend needs a friend, be a friend when your boyfriend needs a friend

3. My girlfriend brought you into good behavior

Each pair is certainly aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each. How wonderful if a girlfriend, are able to lead to increasingly be better than any shortcomings partner. Good boyfriend would not see you from the shortcomings or bad you are, but he will be more to see advantages and positive side of yourself, and what you can accept whatever the shortcomings, to work together to be better than yesterday and today.

4. Girlfriend into the shelter

Who's willing to have a girlfriend who bullied others? Surely the answer is almost the same, certainly not willing dong. A girlfriend who really loves you, it will certainly be willing to do anything to keep you, if the spouse or boyfriend bullied by others. Do not make me a girlfriend who actually even feared by the partner.

5. Good boyfriend would not plunge into the negative

Many couples who sometimes misrepresent the actual affection. Providing everything is considered to be a proof of affection. So it is not a few couples today who go too far. But you know, that in fact, a good girlfriend, you will not be plunged into negative things, all the things that can ruin your life. Good boyfriend would be more responsible for your relationship, you keep yourself with the best.

6. Girlfriend could be trusted to keep secrets

Girlfriend could be a good place to vent, he will not disclose confidential or personal story to others that you are not supposed to hear your story. Therefore, the boyfriend would be a person who can be trusted. Then become a wife who can be trusted in many ways, including being able to be trusted to keep the affection.

7. Boyfriend became friends live in every moment

Despite being a spouse, a boyfriend does not mean that there should always be in every time. Must pick lectures every day, must accompany the meal every day, must accompany the streets every day, and others. Boyfriend became friends live every moment, defeated you hard, sad, happy or sick.

8. Girlfriend could embolden, tranquility and comfort

When you fall, when you are sad, disappointed, when you hard, when you're desperate, boyfriends can provide motivation to mate. You may borrow a shoulder to cry on, because that could ease your sorrow. Do not make me as a boyfriend possessive and overprotective with why you love your boyfriend too. Because then, you will not get a girlfriend who can give peace. Not only that, the actions and words of a boyfriend, can give you more spirit to stay motivated in doing various things in life. Moreover, if at times he uttered the words love, let alone given a poem of love, hehehe ..

9. Girlfriend can straighten a bent arm or in life

Good boyfriend, can remind each other when you start spinning out of control or turn away from the straight path. Mandatory for a girlfriend, remind and give advice, when her partner started doing negative things, both influential to him, or to anyone. Although sometimes, it is difficult to give understanding, and it is difficult to receive a warning from the girlfriend, it's good to be mutually self introrspeksi respectively. That way, a good girlfriend can make yourself better than the present, not being you become better than now.

10. Girlfriend can be a husband and a good leader or imam

If there was a soul mate, sometime girlfriend will be your husband, a priest for you and your family with you later. Your true love will not run anywhere if indeed he is your match. Behave and said bijaklah to boyfriend. Mutual respect, honest, keep each other, and give each other affection with other positive things, that's an important role in the life of your girlfriend.

Perhaps many believe another important role in the life girlfriend. Minded in building a relationship of affection is also needed. Remember one thing, choose a boyfriend who can take care of yourself, your self-worth and dignity as a wife who truly loved and cared about. Then he will be able to guide you, to become a better person from now on.

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