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The bloggers would have been familiar with the term blogwalking. As one of the efforts to promote their blogs, usually the bloggers often do blogwalking. But sometimes, not little blogwalking do things that are not bad, ie for example a spammer, leave a comment with less or even not important to other blogs. There are some important things while doing blogwalking recommended, so that you become a good blogwalker.

There is one thing that is often forgotten when blogwalking. A blogwalker, sometimes do not notice that he had visited the blog is dofollow or nofollow blog. And one thing that is quite important to know, if bloggers want to get backlinks on blogs that visited from the comments left.
What is blogwalking it?

In short, it is blogwalking outing to visit the blog to other blogs. With blogwalking, then the bloggers can each leave comments, share links, get backlinks, learn a blog with other blogs, share information, and much more. It would be better if blogwalking made to visit blogs visitornya much, its great pagerank and dofollow blogs proficiency level.

There are so many positive things to be gained from a series of activities blogwalking, especially for SEO activities, and as one blog promotion efforts. Even though sometimes we like to blogwalking lazy, and some even think that it is not necessary blogwalking. Many also considered by registering to the site blog social bookmarking sites beyond the local and social bookmarking, to blog directories, to social networking, it is enough. It's good we now see why some bloggers also assume that blogwalking it is one important thing to do?

What is the benefit blogwalking?

Here are some reasons why it is important blogwalking activities to do and it is advisable to leave a comment. Here's a quote from famous bloggers Ibrahim: Benefit or advantage of doing Blogwalking:

Helping you get traffic blog visitors.
Provide and clarify the existence and visibility. Introducing your presence and your blogs, and familiarizing yourself with the other blogs.
Build and develop link popularity of your blog.
Getting backlinks from blogs that visit.
Promotion and Marketing blog for free.
Got the idea to write a new article.
Enrich and strengthen the keyword in the anchor text content using the comments left.
Improving Writing Ability.
Build a friendship or relationship.

Well, that's a few important things to leave comments on blogwalking why it matters. Now, let's see, what should be considered when making blogwalking, that can be mutually beneficial blogwalking good for you, and blogs you visit.

Tips do blogwalking:

Customize the comments left by the blog topic or topics discussed in this article you are going to live commentary. Leave comments polite, kind, helpful and friendly. Do leave a comment on the article discussion outside lane being visited. Do not you are considered a spammer. Perform blogwalking routinely and regularly, including to introduce new articles are written in the blog.

More focus on doing blogwalking by leaving good comments on blogs that use "Top Commentator", "CommentLuv" dofollow and pagerank great, if you are hoping to get a backlink from them. It would be better to leave a comment on the article, rather than leaving a comment on the shoutbox or the like. This will attract more blog owners, and more interactive.

Avoid inserting the writing of the address of the link (for example: http:// ****) in the comments, it can cause you labeled as a spammer. It would be nice if the insert link anchor text in the form in accordance with the above article topic, or keyword anchor text that we are headed. Expand comments on blogs that have a niche or topic, similar topic, or topics relating to our blog.

Asking exchange links on blogs were considered good, useful and worthy to be invited to exchange links. (Note the point number 3 and 6). Subscribe to RSS blog feed is considered good according to you, to be able to stay up to date related blogs.

It is better done manually rather than using autoblogwalking blogwalking. Berlakulah wise and leave a good impression to the blogs you visit, and to fellow visitors or commentators. This can lead to a sense of mutual interest to visit each other and leave comments other than the blog owner, visitors / readers, other commentators on the blog that we visit, and then make a visit back to our blog.

Of the total tips for blogwalking given, the most important fact is one thing, blogwalker be good and quality, which can lead to a sense of affinity for each bekunjung. Since the visit after visit would be more beneficial to the quality and fellow bloggers. Not to cause the image of you and your blog becomes well. So, be wise, dear bloggers! Hopefully this article can be useful for you in doing blogwalking future.

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