10 Tips on How to Choose the Best Webhosting

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If you have previously been discussed Infodari differences Indonesia server hosting, server hosting server hosting Singapore and the U.S., now is the time you determine which option the hosting server you will use. We answer the following general questions, about how to choose a good hosting server, or how to choose the best web hosting for you to use?. In the previous article had already described a bit about what it is hosting.

Once you have determined where hosting servers from which country you are going to take, now you just specify "server hosting what is" what would you choose from the country that you specify. So many hosting server that offers a variety of facilities and features as well as prices varied, ranging from the cheap to the expensive webhosting.

Here are some things to consider in choosing a good hosting server and match or choose the best webhosting for you:

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Choosing a cursory web hosting is easy, of course, you have to be careful in selecting a web hosting provider. Many web hosting facility that offers almost unlimited and the price is very cheap even hundreds Gigabyte space, in fact it is not good for your site because there are limitations due to the network infrastructure and data center server itself, the server is filled with many websites to the highest bidding will result in increased server loads, resulting in your site difficult to access or are down.

Most customers simply look at the price and facilities offered. And beyond that a lot of things that should be a primary consideration in choosing a web hosting. Almost all companies competing - the race offers the lowest possible price with all facilities unlimited. Even some that offers unlimited space. It is quite impossible because almost all of the infrastructure that supports web hosting has its limitations - limitations that can not be avoided. It is a marketing gimmick that is quite misleading if there is a mention that the price is not proportional to the quality. Cost is a logical consequence to deliver a service that is really - really reliable.

You're trying to place the right hosting? There are hundreds of hosting providers in Indonesia that offer various services that vary the type and quality. Approximately which one should you choose? What factors should you consider? I'll give some tips here about what factors should be viewed by potential customers, from least important to most important.

SUPPORT, Why do I put this factor as the number one, most important? What is actually sold by a hosting company is not a piece of space on the hard drive, or bandwidth, or software, but support services. Hard disk or server space sold by computer stores. Bandwidth sold by ISP or a datacenter or NAP (network access provider). Software sold by a software house or store CD. All of the stuff you can get yourself or hire another service provider mentioned. But the support service is something you get from a hosting company, hosting distinguishing paid and free hosting, which is the value that you paid for.

FACILITIES / FEATURES HOSTING, this course is an important factor, because what does that mean your hosting subscription if you can not run the applications you want? Providers generally have to provide application / software / libraries needed many standards, such as PHP, MySQL, Perl, with a fairly new version and the following libraries-librarinya. Other features such as installing antivirus and antispam in SMTP server, provided access mailbox via webmail, POP3, forwarding, and IMAP4. In the case of uploading a website, it should provide some mechanism, namely through a web interface (control panel), FTP, shell (SSH), and FrontPage.

BACK UP, This factor is very important because often the data on the server (including email and databases) is the only copy of the customers hosting. Experience has proven, the daily backup and history 1 week on servers several times to save your important data lost due to machine / hard drive crash, or crash due to accidental deletions, etc.. We encourage you to ask your hosting provider, how often they perform backups, and avoid hosting an unclear policy backed up and only a week or once a month backup.

SERVER AND NETWORK STABILITY, uptime. The more important your website or company online, the more important the stability and uptime (and the price factor becomes relatively low importance compared to this stability factor). There are several things that affect the stability / uptime, ie machines, networking, and software / security configuration such as used computers and each computer is generally not filled more than 200-300 accounts in order not to burden the access. Security server must also be considered because the server is often hacked down will be frequent and often lose data, something that is very disturbing server operations. Spammers or fraudulent users who try to break security or suspicious software that must also be considered. This is because the servers that send spam is likely to be blacklisted by other servers, causing the other accounts on the same machine compromised email receipt. Similarly, the software that is suspicious sometimes spends Resource CPU / memory or your server is blocked by other servers.

CORPORATE EXISTENCE THAT CLEARLY, I think this factor is more important than price, since too many hosting providers in Indonesia, average: 1) the business is not incorporated, 2) do not have a clear physical location, 3) survival between several months to 1 year, after which they disappeared without a trace. For consumers who have recently attempted first hosting service and aim only to learn / experience / trial and error maybe this is not a problem. But for a company or site to be more serious this could be a problem. For example: Data website / database you suddenly lost because the server is not online following the hosting administrators could not be reached for your requested data. Or domain name you become hostage to the contact / password for the domain hosting now and again they could not be contacted.

PRICE, If we look at how consumers shop for a computer or HP in the mall Mangga Dua Jakarta or Bandung BEC, usually are as follows: consumers want goods to specification X, Y, Z. Consumers ask a store (A) at what price. A shop put a price. Consumers ask another store (B). Shop B gives prices. And so on until a few prices. Consumers ultimately choose a store that provides the lowest price. This is easily done on items such as electronics / computers because we know the exact specifications that we want, and every shop sells the same item if the specifications are the same. But not so with the services, which are difficult to make exact specifications. Therefore we put the price as a factor that should be considered more recent (low interest rate), given the same price does not necessarily mean the same level of service.

Price Against Kuwalitas Hosting, hosting businesses Often players are just starting out in this business and traffic into account the resource space limit. And outside was a lot of restrictions - other restrictions include a server CPU load and Memmory. Therefore if the price is on offer so cheap then the consequence is a reduction - reduction of hosting facilities, a potential cause excessive load on the server. If anyone offers a very cheap price but still offers facilities - the facilities were fantastic, then this should be a big question mark.
Application Solutions Unlimited? Very Impossible!!! Applications are usually able to make the CPU load is high among them is the web itself, databases, mailing lists, and FTP. For that web hosting companies usually limit the number of mailing lists, FTP accounts and databases to maintain service reliability. Besides traffic per month is also limited by the assumption that if a high traffic, the server load is high. Therefore, review your options again if the choice falls on a web hosting company that offers unlimited all-round facilities.

Ownership and Domain Settings, Domain rightly belongs to the customer and the customer's right to make arrangements for him. Therefore, customers must be given access to the domain control panel that serves to regulate the administrative domain (whois info / ownership) and technical (nameserver settings). If the customer is not given domain control panel settings, so if one wants to move hosting customers, did the nameserver settings, and transfer of ownership or transfer the domain to another domain registrar will find it difficult because it depends on the hosting company where customers buy the domain.

Security in the network or the server must be strong, can not deny that security is one of the most important things that belong in a business on the Internet. At this time there is no one perfect way teknologipun that is able to withstand attack by cr4cker this. How can we minimize the possibility of this attack? The simplest way is to ask whether the provider is providing people who are experts in the field of security / network security. Well what can make, if no one is an expert provider of network security is a good idea to move to another provider. Usually we want to is how they monitor activity on the network for 24 hours to detect unusual activity before the activity cause damage. Usually they have a program to the firewall or to address common security concerns.

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