20 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Own Domain

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20 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Domain Yourself - Create a blog now is not a stranger anymore. Having a domain name can be obtained for free or paid. Create a blog created for a variety of purposes, just fill in time, become a campaign to make the blog to make money and do business, to make blogging as a profession, and a variety of other purposes. But it is advisable to have or purchase your own domain. Why you should buy your own domain? Let's see 20 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Own Domain below.

Having your own domain name is no longer a luxury item. It has become a necessity because of the bloggers blogging so widespread and could dimonetasi (cashed). Cost of leasing the domain name has become so cheap that almost all bloggers are able to get it. If we want to become a serious blogger, you should consider having your own domain name. It's not an expensive investment and the investment that we spend if managed properly, will make us gain greater profits.

20 reasons why we are better off having your own domain name.

1. Blogging Becoming More-Free

Having your own domain name gives us more freedom in blogging. Because of our responsibility is reduced to only as a host and author content for our readers. We do not have to follow many rules. No need to worry to do things that violate the policy of the provider of our blog, which some subdomains have varying rules.

Blog with frills usually hosted free subdomain (such as Blogger and WordPress), so the blog will depend on the management of the site host providers that require us to comply with various rules and policies set by their length. Failure to comply with the TOS may result in suspension of your blog.

2. Wherever free Hosting

By having your own domain name we should not subdomain hosting provider. We can move hosting at any time, without the visitors of our blog know the difference. We can still hosting free hosting provider, with our own domain name, because most blog hosting providers feature autoforward to another domain.

3. Blogging Becoming Safer

By having your own domain name we reduce a lot of risk. In addition to our blog risk being kicked by the site administrator if there are other risks as site manager forgot to pay the hosting bill, site managers or somehow blurred the site offline. If we are part of a subdomain, we most likely do not have all the contact information is important to know what is happening or get a blog or blog content we return.

4. Having our own blog ranking (Alexa, etc.)

By having your own domain name blog page rank is not affected by the page rank subdomain providers. This is especially true for the Alexa, which takes into account the main domain ranking.

5. Search engine ranking is Better

The domain name than subdomain generally ranked higher in the search engines, especially when optimized properly. Blog or website with a subdomain suspected greater potential "spam". Since it is free, the potential for spam and abuse is very high.

6. Keeping Google PR rating and other rating

Most successful bloggers start their blog with a free blogging service like Blogger or WordPress. As soon as they've got the credibility of the readers and visitors, they moved to their own hosted blog with a new domain name. No problems with moving hosting, but domain name change resulted in all the missing links to our blog so that we lose the PR rankings on Google and other ratings previous domain (eg But if we have our own domain name, we can keep all the proceeds exchange links, our valuable PR, and other ranking when we decided to move and host our own blog.

7. Blog monetasi greater opportunities

It is true that more and more advertisers voters with a blog in which they want to advertise. If we monetasi a paid review as paid to click, paid to write programs, paid to survey, paid to review, PPP, Sponsored Review, or Smorty, we may not receive the opportunity to read a review of a blog under a subdomain. If we use a subdomain, we will lose many opportunities to earn income from your blog.

Sign up and use our own domain name is very cheap. And use and requires no knowledge of web coding. Moreover, most of the free blog hosting allows us to use our own domain name. They even gave us a way to change the subdomain into the domain for our blog.

8. For Investment

Some people use the domain as an investment and buying and selling domains. Simply we keep and manage well and rising prices a good domain name will increase. Moreover, if we have enough qualified domain name (maybe a hundred or more), maybe one day someone will come to buy only one who will pay for all the rest. Example - If we had a hundred domains were charged $ 10 each per year to renew a domain and then sell the $ 2000, then it gains 200-fold. As JACKPOT

9. Blog Looks More Professional

"Brand" we are more trustworthy if it is not associated with Blogspot, WordPress or any other subdomain. If the host does not have a very good reputation, there is also a stigma attached to our blog. By having your own domain name blog we will look more professional in the eyes of visitors, readers, and prospective customers.

10. Video Blog More Simple and Easy to Remember

We could have a short blog url address. The domain name we will look more simple without any slashes or dots with frills subdomain, so it's easier to remember.

11. Life Can Be Address

We have our own domain. As long as we keep extending the rent, domain names can be the address of our lifetime. Compare cheap domain prices are around $ 10/tahun than rents rooms even today.

12. Make Lots To Reduce SPAM Email

We can use a domain name to make a lot of email addresses, although we point to the primary email address. This can reduce SPAM. For example, we want to get a free ebook from a site that asks us to give an email address, we can create and deliver a specific email address in accordance with the site. For example If it turns out the site is always sending spam email, you can delete the email and do not need to worry because we are not the primary email we give.

13. Opportunities Become A Great Brand

Today many companies are buying the domain "off-brand" (no brand), which has been great for their products and services.

14. Brand Building Easier Business / Niche We

New domain name we can develop as a brand name product or service our business. With our own domain name, create a brand becomes easier. The problem with subdomain is that it is difficult to create and maintain its own brand identity for their blogspot or wordpress in it for example. Using your own domain name will make us different blog so it's easier to build a brand for our blog.

15. Reducing Competing With The Same Niche

Buying a domain name related to making our competitors can not use it to their advantage and / or to attack us. What if they buy a domain name that we're thinking about to buy? We probably will never have that opportunity again. And it could be that we really like domain used against us. Do not let us regret not buying the domain name you want.

16. Build Credibility In Blog Visitors We

It is important to establish credibility in our blog visitors that we are serious about our blog content. If we open an online business, start with a good domain name. Show your blog visitors that we are serious about our online efforts. In recent years, the domain will probably be appreciated much more expensive although we are less successful online business.

17. Having Email With Own Domain Name

We can create an email with our domain name as hosted email address. For example: or We will not need to change our e-mail address again because your email provider / ISP changed.

18.Untuk needs autoforwarding

If we have a page on the site to sell trade, for example on eBay, we can introduce our domain name to potential customers and then redirected to the page such trademarks. Introducing our domain name address may be easier than the address on the eBay pages long. Forward our domain name to your web site or web site / web page you want. If we have a lot of money, buy all the domain names related that we can and point it all into one blog.

19.Untuk Expressing Yourself

What we want to convey? Build a political blog site, reviewing or the latest electronic gadget offers gardening tips. Tell the people what is good and bad. Indicate the name of our domain, so that domain names can be a tool for self-expression.

20. As a Gift

Buy a domain name to friends, relatives, business associates give them as gifts. This gives the advantage back to us when they put a link back to our domain.

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