24 Benefits of Plants Binahong

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24 Benefits of Plants Binahong
Binahong is a medicinal plant that grows in lowland and highland and have many properties in various diseases meyembuhkan mild or severe. This plant has long existed in Indonesia but only recently have become an alternative for some people to be used as a natural remedy to cure or alleviate some mild or severe disease.

Plants are said to have originated from Korea is consumed by the Vietnamese people during the war against the United States in the 1950s to the 1970s. This plant is also known among the Chinese as Dheng San Chi and has been consumed for thousands of years by the people of China, Korea, Taiwan etc.. The leaves of the plant that is usually used as a natural remedy apart from the stems and tubers.

Binahong for health benefits
1. Ambient cure
2. Dysentery
3. Nose bleed (nosebleed)
4. Can be used for medication after surgery
5. Stamina enhancer for those who like to work hard
6. Curing ulcer disease who have severe
7. Able to cure gout or rheumatism
8. Can dry burns
9. Healing the wounds caused by sharp objects such as knives etc exposed
10. Be able to get rid of acne
11. To cure the disease (infection, inflammation, etc.)
12. To accelerate the menstrual blood
13. Useful for women give birth
14. To megobati impotence for men / women
15. This followed cough vomiting blood
16. Obta lungs as pulmonary cavities
17. As a diabetic medication (Diabetes)
18. For asthma, shortness of breath and bengik
19. Long-ulcer drugs (chronic)
20. To heal a broken bone
21. Treating inflammation of the kidney
22. Eradicate itch and eczema
23. To cure liver disease
24. Can cure brain gagar light / heavy

Apart from some of the many benefits binahong above, it turns out there are many more binahong benefits to health, and some are able to cure diseases and external injuries, diantaraya common disease suffered by many people such as: New Operations / injury, Thipus, Sore Guts, Bruises hit, Taxable Fire (Iron Heat), Ulcer, Hemorrhoids (Piles)

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