5 Benefits of Egg White

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5 Benefits of Egg White
Benefits of Egg White - Egg white is a white liquid (also called albumen or glair / glaire) contained within an egg. The liquid is contained in the fertilized egg and that has not been fertilized. Egg white contains 10% proteins dissolved in water. Uses egg whites is to protect the egg yolk and provide additional nutrition for the growth of the embryo, because the egg whites are rich in protein and low in fat, which is the opposite of the yolk, which contains a high fat value. Egg whites have many culinary uses and non-culinary.

Eggs may be not separated from our daily lives - the day, the eggs into dishes that are yummy and benefits of egg whites very much. It could also be a variety of processed fariasikan, and this makes the eggs often combined into a variety of dishes. In eggs there are two parts of the egg white and yolk, which will be discussed on this occasion that the white part of the egg. Apparently there are some interesting things we can get from the egg whites, and the thing to remember is that you should not consume excessive for something that is certainly not good and not excessive.

Egg White Benefits:

1. Egg White Protein is a Natural Resource
In the egg white contains several kinds of proteins, including phosphorus, calcium, zinc and Pottasium. Natural proteins in egg whites are also good at producing amino acids for muscle building.

2. White Eggs Contains No Cholesterol
Is not contained in the egg white fat, cholesterol, trans fats, and carbohydrates. So the egg whites can be consumed to help reduce the level of cholesterol in our intake.

3. Easy Egg White Protein Absorption in the Body
Natural proteins in egg whites are easier to absorb by the body compared to other foods such as meat or protein drink. This makes the protein can be fully absorbed in the body d without much protein is wasted.

4. Egg White Can Lose Weight
Based on research at the Pennington Biomedical Research Centre shows, those who consumed 2 egg whites every morning weight is reduced by approximately 65% ??and feel more energetic in the appeal that only consumes regular bread.

5. Egg White Can Brighten Skin
The protein in the egg white can help moisturize the skin and be able to accelerate the regeneration of the skin. You do this by applying egg whites to all parts of the face evenly and let stand for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes wash with warm water.

Probably there are many more benefits of egg white that we do not know. May be useful

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