5 Common Mistakes How to Create a Blog Web Site or Business

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A business website or blog built with the purpose of developing your business. Various important information about your business posted on the website. But there are some things that turned out to be a mistake that resulted in your business web site turned out to be difficult to grow, and less interested. Then what is often forgotten in steps how to create a business website, so that the little things are forgotten that just be a mistake.

How to create a business website is actually easy. How to create a business website that can really attract your potential customers effectively. There are some tricks that you can look at this article. With the goal of keeping your business blog has a maximum capacity to attract prospective customers or prospective customers. You should know what the important things are often a mistake when creating a web site business. You can create a business website or blog using website creation services, or create your own, either using a free blog site providers, or paid. Google has also provided a facility for the manufacture of Google's free business website for small and medium businesses. You can try it.

Errors in general in creating business websites has been analyzed by an expert, trainer Terry Dean Internet business. These errors often occur when designing and creating a blog or a business website, and sometimes these mistakes are not realized directly.

Common mistakes in website design business that often occur are:

1. No error in the headline business website

Headline Make a business website is an important factor to attract the attention of visitors. Nearly 80% of websites do not have a headline or headline. Most websites use the words "Welcome to My Web Page" is used as a headline. Headline should have the main characteristic of your business website.

You can make a headline with:

- The font size larger than other fonts you use in a website.
- Main text color should be black with a white background, or use other colors (colors that are not used in other texts), but still use the background or a white background, so the title Headline remain the main focus, and a curious visitor to read your next business website content.

You can see an example in and

2. Error your business website does not mention the benefits of the product

Writing a description of your product is the main business of the website content. Therefore, your product should be described as best as possible, in addition to explaining the characteristics of the product, you also have to explain the benefits. And is expected in the description of your product is that you can attract the attention of visitors, both from the emotional and logical sides. This means that the benefits that you describe should be real and not made-up, but can evoke a great desire.

So talk about your product required two things that should be included in it, which is characteristic of products and product benefits. What do your customers if they have purchased your product, that is the important one in the sales presentation of your products.

3. Mistakes business website that has no personality

Most business websites using the word "We". And this is one big mistake.

Let's say you're writing a letter to your prospective customers. There you will load letter using images on your page, and use the signature or signatures to your website (but do not contain original signatures). Use language that is friendly and easy to understand in the making letters.

So here, to build a character personality website, use the word "I" and uses the word "you" to your customers. By telling who you are, will build more confidence to the candidates and your customers.

4. Mistake no testimony in the website business

To convince the candidates and customers, they are often referred to memerlulkan testimony or testimony. The more exposure to testimony from people who never received your product satisfaction, the greater the trust of your customers. Testimony or the testimony of a good outcome is testimony that speaks specifically. This specific testimony will provide a strong psychological boost, rather than the testimony of a general nature, for example, just saying how great you are.

Show the customer's full name and town of giving testimony, or would be better if it included an email or website of the testimonier, especially when giving testimony included photos. And it would be great if it could contain evidence in the form of video recordings, audio or photo significant to satisfaction using your product. For this purpose, the complete form of your testimonials with these things.

5. Mistake no warranty or guarantee in the business website

As much as possible eliminate as many bad risks your product. Offer a money back guarantee as a period of time if the products do not deliver the results as promised. Here you need to take the risk of what you garansikan. Not a few of the customers who complain about things that do not satisfy them to buy your product. But that's one of the business risk that you must face in business, and business in online. We recommend that you use the warranty logo that will make your customers trust.

So in fact, the basic things that are often overlooked in building a business website is:

1. Noting the letter and background website, so easy to read,
2. Headline the right to use the AIDA formula:
- Attention: Strong and distinctively headline to attract interest.
- Interest: raise the interest and curiosity of visitors.
- Details: detailed description of your products from a variety of side views.
- Action: Ask customers to take immediate action to buy your product.
3. Introduction of quality, that it is possible to trap your product interest.
4. Say that your product is a good solution to their problems.
5. Do not arouse those emotions psychologically.

Accuracy and techniques mentioned above is a trick in making your business blog is quite influential to the effectiveness of your blog. So do not let you create a web site business that is not able to attract the visitors. Good luck and greetings success!

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