5 Dangers Less Drink Water For Health

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Eating and drinking are two things that are very important for human survival. Without these two things, impossible man to survive until now. The need for drinking water is primarily that must be fulfilled in addition to nutritious and vitamin-rich foods. As we know, the water content in the human body reaches 60 percent. So drink 6-8 glasses of water a day is a must for every human body needs. Then, the danger is if people lack drinking water for health ...???

The human body needs fluids or water in amounts according to body. The function of water in the human body is to maintain the freshness of the body, helps the digestive system to be more smooth, remove toxins in the body through sweat and urine. Water also serves to solvents, catalysts, lubricants, to regulate body temperature as well as a provider of electrolytes and minerals that are needed by the body.

Here are 5 dangers of lack of drinking water for health

1. Water is very good for our brain cells
The function of this water so that the brain can think more quickly, not easily forgotten or dementia and could not concentrate for any activities on the run. due to shortage of water, especially if water will cause the fluid in the brain is decreased, oxygen flow to the brain should also declined. Thereby causing cells - brain cells become inactive and do not develop as expected.

2. Always Haus
Less danger of drinking water of the next thirsty, my throat was dry, the body temperature gets hot, the symptoms of headaches, urinary be colored black, which was fast pulse, hallucinations and symptoms of the fatal death.

3. bladder infections
Less danger of drinking water which will lead to subsequent bladder infection. Symptoms of bladder infection is a slightly increased body temperature, pain during urination and sometimes even blood in the urine are issued.

4. skin becomes dull
Less danger of drinking water which in turn is the skin becomes dull or does not show a clear skin because the skin capillary blood flow in the body is not maximal.

5. disrupt the function of the kidneys in your body
Less danger of drinking water that may interfere with the fifth of kidney function in your body. This is because water is very important to prevent kidney stones. The function of water in the kidneys will make components of kidney stones easier shed with urination that we spend every day.

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