5 Ways to Fight Fear

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Fear is something that must be resisted by anyone. Effect of fear can inhibit a variety of things you will do, and make you stop walking. We even very difficult to fight the fear itself. So how we can fight and fight that fear? Here are five tips on how to fight the fear with ease,

Fight fear and fear make it into something positive! You sometimes feel scared? It is natural, though the feeling is unpleasant. Here are some tips to combat and overcome the fear to make it a positive thing:

1. Embracing Challenges

"Do not let fear beat you. Look at the fear and make the situation as opposed to competitive. How to react to fear, so entirely your responsibility. Use it as an opportunity to talk to yourself positively. Whenever you feel afraid, remind yourself that you are able to do so. Try to use words like "I am calm," "I can", "I am strong," "I was able to face the challenges ahead". Note that the fear will disappear.

2. Feel the Adrenaline

When you feel fear, which we feel is the adrenaline rush that struggled in the body. This is the body's response to try "rise" against the situation that we fear it. With the adrenaline in your system, you'll be stronger and smarter than you think. Do not let the fear go away. If you can control it by doing a simple breathing technique that you can do, you will find the whole world is in the grip.

3. With Equals Fear Energy, so creative

Try to remember that fear is a feeling. And that feeling is an energy in the body that can be changed. Try to connect something positive like the tasks to be completed, or a new project should be started. By doing that, you make a decision about how you want to use that energy and can easily switch to something scary into something extraordinary.

4. Know Thyself

"What makes you scared? If you feel fear, use it as an exception to identify yourself for the better. Ask yourself, what makes you scared. Ask yourself, where fear is present. Sit down and close your eyes. Notice where you feel fear in your body. One exercise you can do is to know the color and shape. Imagine you change it or remove it from your body. And you'll feel better after release.

5. Overcome and Be More Powerful

Fear will not only stop you if you let it. If you decide to "feel the fear, then you not only get something in your life that are planned, but be aware that you are responsible for emotions.

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