6 Benefits of Seaweed

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6 Benefits of Seaweed
The benefits of seaweed is already undeniable lagi.Pada like the same seaweed ga ya? If I still like it. Because in addition to good, seaweed is also rich in nutrients and beneficial for our bodies know. To buy seaweed, of course, is now very easy. Many studies have shown bahwasannya seaweed is a nutritious food, to treat or prevent different kinds of illnesses

Seaweed is a kind of grass that grows in the sea and very much indeed for the health benefits of seaweed, seaweed is rich in content - vitamins and other compounds.

Like most other types of algae, seaweed morphology Glacilaria called Thallus (plural: Thalli), ie no real difference between the roots, stems and leaves. Breeding done in 2 ways, namely by mating between male gametes and female gametes (generative) and not mating with vegetative and spore dispersal konjugatif contained in spore bags (carporspora, cystocarp).

6 Benefits of Seaweed

1. Lowering High Blood Tekannan
Seaweed extract can lower blood pressure in people with hypertension. According to Japanese research scientists, seaweed is very useful for treating patients with hypertension.

2. Absorb Excess Salt
For patients with stroke, consume seaweed is also highly recommended because it can absorb the excess salt in the body.

3. Prevention of Breast Cancer Growth
Research Harvard School of Public Health in the United States revealed that women premeneopause in Japan three times more likely to develop breast cancer compared keil American women. This is due to the diet that Japanese women are always adding seaweed in their menu.

4. Antioxidants and Klorofit
Green sea algae can serve as an antioxidant. It helps rid the body of radical reactions are very harmful to the body

5. The food was good for the diet because of its high fiber content
No doubt that seaweed fibers have a very high kansungan. This fiber is filling and smooth the body's metabolic processes so it is best eaten the obese. Carbohydrate is also difficult ducerna so you'll feel full longer without fear of fatness

6. Medicine for various diseases
Seaweed traditionally believed to treat cough, asthma, bronchitis, TBS, worms, abdominal pain, fever, influenza, and arthritis.

Maybe that's all I can share this diartikel benefits of seaweed. Hopefully useful kawand

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