7 Habits That Can Enrich Life

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7 Habits That Can Enrich Life
Almost everyone wants to be wealthy or not wealthy, and may also include you. Yes, although not all people are like that. But the more people who want to be rich or have wealth. Even in order to achieve this, a lot of things that he did and he gave up. But did you know not all wealth is measured only from sheer material, even things that you yourself were trivial and not worth even that can make you rich or values ​​of others as wealth is within you. And material wealth can not always give you happiness loh .. and it would be nice if we were not only oriented to enrich life in terms of material. But we need to enrich life with other things are much beneficial for myself and others ..

Here are 7 habits that can enrich lives

1. Habits Giving Gratitude
This is a special habit that can change lives for the better always. Even religion encourages us not only be grateful for the good things, but also in distress and bad days .. There is a big secret behind thanksgiving proven throughout history. Hellen Keller was blind and deaf since the age of two years, has become a well-known and admired throughout the world. One of the many motivating words were "I'm thankful for these flaws I found myself, my work and my God." It's hard to be grateful, but we can learn gradually. Begin grateful for life, grateful for blessings, health, family, friends etc.. Eventually you might even be grateful for trouble and a bad situation.

2. Positive Thinking Habits
Our lives are shaped by what we think about most often. If you always think positive, we tend to be a positive personal. The characteristics of positive thoughts always lead to truth, goodness, compassion, hope and joy. Frequently monitor what you are thinking. If you are mired in negative thoughts, control immediately towards the positive. Make a habit of positive thinking and see how many positive things as a habit and see how many positive things that you will experience.

3. Empathize Habits
Ability to relate to others is an advantage possessed by many successful people. And one of the important elements in dealing with others is empathy, the ability or sensitivity to look at from the point of view that empathy lain.Orang could even feel the feelings of others. People who can feel empathy even feelings of others, understand the motive behind his desire and capture the attitude of others. This is the exact opposite of the selfish attitude that it demands attention and understand other people. Although not everyone is easy to empathize, but we can learn to get used to perform actions that empathic. For example, be a good listener, learn to put yourself in the shoes of others, learn to do what you want others lakukankepada you, etc..

4. Putting The Essential Habits
Think about what is most important, and dahulukanlah!. Do not let your life get caught up in things that are not important as the things that are important neglected. Begin to sort out which ones are important and which one is not, an important prelude habits will make you an effective and productive life and improve your self-image significantly.

5. Habits Sowing Seeds
Sowing principle applies in life. In time you will reap what you sow. Imagine how rich your life when you are always sowing seeds of 'goodness'. But otherwise, how poor you are if diligently sow evil.

6. Habits Honest Living
Without honesty, we can not be pribadiyang intact, it can even damage the self-esteem and your own future. Start getting used to being honest, not only to themselves but also to sendir others. Start telling the truth, despite the risk. When you lie, you lie control your piecemeal

7. Sharing Habits
The habit of sharing or charity is in addition very helpful to other people, this practice will also be useful for the culprit. Because in religion, every single charity then we'll get 10x feedback from our charity is. And this habit can make you much more sensitive to the environment and the fate of others.

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