7 Perception And Thought Patterns That Hinder Success

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7 Perception And Thought Patterns That Hinder Success
ever crossed your mind, about what will happen to us in the future? What we later, so what we later or things that we will accomplish later. Definitely among the friends all want a much better life and success in the future, or maybe you can not wait to taste that success. Despite the relative success for everyone. For the measure of success for each person is different.

However, friends of all whether you ever feel that it turned out so difficult to achieve that success, not as easy as what he imagined. And maybe there are some of us who often feel despair or surrender to life's challenges. Actually you know friends, that actually makes us find it hard to realize that success is our own minds. For example: when we faced a test and we find it difficult to deal with, it would appear the idea that God is not fair because it always gives the test. And eventually you will feel hopeless and to blame God and the people around you to all the problems and failures of your failure.

Here are 7 Perception And Thought Patterns That Hinder Success

1. Inferiority
Feeling that yourself no better than anyone else and feel no excess whatsoever in him this can actually make you fail. Because everyone must have a plus side. Because we are created from scratch, it's the most perfect beings, so do not ever feel that you lower yourself.

2. Fear Of Life Challenges
How can we reach the peak, if we are afraid to climb the mountain.

3. Fear of failure
The more we are afraid to fail, then the failure is getting closer to us. Need to remember, that we as human beings can only try and pray, that's not our problem results were decisive. If you want greater opportunities for success, then you need to maximize efforts and prayers. And not whether that failure is success delayed. So why be afraid!!

4. Afraid to take risks
Sometimes it potential opportunities that arise if we dare to take risks. For the occasion and the opportunity will not come if we do not pick him up. How to take the risk, of course, the risk is that we expect more negative than positive opportunities. And risk is not risk for crime, but the risk for good.

5. Not Dare to Dream
How to be successful, if you do not want success. Many examples of stories and films that mengkisahkan a success that began with a dream. Such as Laskar Pelangi and others.

6. Feeling Life So Hard
Actually, life is not difficult, but our own that makes it difficult. Example: we want to have the latest mobile phone, while financial conditions are not possible, and then you blame god, that god does not simplify life and always mempersulitnya. Actually, we who make a living on our own, already know the economy is not good but still forced ego. Therefore we must be clever clever grateful.

7. Despair
Desperate nature of an attitude and principles that should be thrown away. For if the nature and attitudes inherent in our principles, then we will be a failure and away from success

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