7 Ways to make sharp nose

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7 Ways to make sharp nose
Aquiline nose is everyone's dream, and not a few people want a sharp nose. Many people beheaded or segelincir nose with surgery, but it need not cost you a bit. Not to mention the impacts or risks that may occur if done by surgery, organ damage could be our face. Those that do it injected to get an aquiline nose.

Actually, there are natural ways to decapitate your nose, you do not need to perform an operation that requires a high cost just decapitate the nose.

Here are 7 Ways to make sharp nose

1. Put your index finger along the middle part of your nose. Side of the nose that is not covered with a finger is part of the shaded.
2. Pulaskan bronzer or brown eyeshadow thinly on the side of the nose was not covered finger.
3. Lift your finger and then continue up to the limit of your shadow eyebrows.
4. Use shadow brush (brush) are of moderate size. Not a brush for applying eyeshadow or for applying blush on.
5. When applying, press the bristle brush with the index finger and thumb in such a way, so that the shape becomes flat. Thus contouring will create more evenly.
6. Do not forward contouring through the nostrils. Stop at the limit of the nasal bones and nostrils.
7. Do it carefully. Do not get into the eye shadow. Similarly, the area between the eyes and the eyebrows and the latter you need to remember, your hands need to do exercises to get used to. So frequently practiced.

Now you have an aquiline nose by following the tips that have been described above. This method will slowly make your nose will go up a few inches. Quite so first how to decapitate the nose.

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