Animals Camel Special Feature

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Animals Camel Special Feature
Camels are one of the "special beings". This is due to the structure of his body that is not affected by the natural conditions of the heat though. Can you imagine the condition of the environment in a very hot desert?

Camel's body has several features that make it possible for it to survive for days without food and water. In addition, the camel can carry the load of hundreds of pounds for days.

Camels have eyelashes linkage system. In case of danger, it is automatically shut down fur. Eyelashes are interrelated is to prevent the entry of dust into the eyes.

Nose and ears covered by long hair to be protected from dust and sand.

Camels have humps, mounds of fat that is contained in the back. Hump ​​camel providing nutrients for animals when he was having trouble food and hunger. Thus, the camel can live up to three weeks without water.

Camels have large feet size. Shape of the foot like this specifically "created" to help him walk on the sand without falling. Foot camels have broad soles and bulging. In addition, the special thick skin under the heel to protect against the very hot sand. Camels were created with specific characteristics outstanding physical to help mankind. Mankind himself obliged to give thanks for creation throughout the universe.

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