Benefits katuk leaves

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Benefits katuk leaves
Benefits katuk leaves and leaves katuk

In general efficacy katuk leaves for pregnant women or mothers after childbirth is to launch breast milk, at least a lot of products that have been produced milk facilitating and containing leaf katuk has been in Indonesia for a long time. In addition, consumption katuk by breastfeeding mothers may increase the time a woman breastfeeding a baby real and for men only increase the frequency and duration of breastfeeding.

Side effects of leaf katuk

A study of side effects of the use of the leaves as facilitating breastfeeding katuk this still has not been done in Indonesia, so it has not been proven 100 percent safe.

In America, the leaves katuk fries, salad and katuk and beverages consumed by many people as an anti-obesity drug (slimming body).

The content of leaves katuk

It is the only local plants that have high levels of chlorophyll and it contains large amounts of antioxidants that are beneficial for preventing free radicals and prevents premature aging. He is also efficacious to overcome disease anemia (anemia), increased gastrointestinal absorption efficiency, mengecegah fatigue, and prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases of blood vessels.

Benefits katuk leaves. Here are some Efficacy leaves katuk

• Smooth milk (ASI)
• Heal ulcers, fever, and bad blood
• Generating vitality s3ks
• Preventing osteoporosis
• Contains Vitamin C
• Having high levels of calcium
• Contains ephedrine which is very good for people with influenza
• Rich compounds that can increase the quality and quantity of sp3rma, and generate vitality s3ksual
• There are seven active compounds that stimulate the production of steroid hormones and eicosanoids compound
• As a source of vitamin A, which the body needs to prevent eye disease, cell growth, immune system, reproductive, and maintain healthy skin

The main compounds the body to make collagen (a fibrous protein forming the connective tissue on the bone), fat transport, electron transport, hyper healthy gums, regulating cholesterol levels, as well as immunity boosters. Also for the healing of wounds and improve brain function in order to work optimally

Katuk leaves rich in chlorophyll, the most among other crops. Chlorophyll cleanse the body tissues and the disposal of waste metabotisme, as well as cope with parasites, bacteria, and viruses that exist in the human body. Feoditin chlorophyll derivative function as antioxidants. Other derivatives chlorophyllide dig into cells or tissues and lift hydrocarbon compounds, such as pesticides, stockpiles of drugs, parasites, bacteria, and even viruses from the cell wall and removing it from the body.

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