Benefits of Algae Crystals

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Benefits of Algae Crystals
Benefits of Algae Crystals - Scientists in Japan have conducted a study regarding algae Japanese crystal or crystal is a japanese algae. they mentioned that this Japanese algae can increase immune system activity that exist in the human body so 2X, which is especially killer cells that have the task to kill some cancer cells. This algae can grow well and quickly when obtaining treatment ideally suited to the habitat. Algae can be bred in containers made of plastic, ceramic or glass. Benefits algae sangatalah many crystals. algea is also not allowed to be cultured in containers made of metal / metal like aluminum or the like.

a. The following steps algae

• place approximately 3 teaspoons of algae crystals in a plastic bucket or similar container. then give 1 liter of clean water / drinking water (no sulfur / sulfur), 2 teaspoons sugar and 7 raisins dried fruit that has been washed clean, let stand overnight.
• the next day's pour the soaking water into a plastic bottle / glass. filter with a plastic filter that netted crystal algae. clear crystal back algae with water and insert into the container that has been washed clean.
• give another 2 teaspoons sugar with raisins remaining 7 the other day. imbuhkan 1 liter of fresh drinking water, then save again. . . and so forth. Recommendation: for best results when changing the water, put drops of water are also some who are ready to drink.
• water that has been poured in the bottle / cup ready to drink as a cure.
• change the dried raisins 1 week.
• the provision of sugar and raisins to give the nutrients algae growth so they live and breed.
• stay away from the use of metal containers to avoid contamination of water immersion on the results and reaction on algae that ended in algae is not growing in other words dead.

b. Benefits of water crystals from the fermentation of algae
crystal water fermented algae can be used for the treatment of health problems like high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney, and nerve disease in. Algae can also be avoided with a real spread of some cancer cells. can also be used to clean the face or facial.

Its use measures

• asthma and bronchitis: 1 liter / day (asthma therapy need persistence / long time)
• eczema skin / skin care: ½ liter / day (soon smeared dg crystal algae) and wash with water.
• lack of blood: 1 liter / day (2 liters for chronic)
• stomach (gastritis): 1 liter / day. (Swelling in the ulcer disappeared within 2 weeks)
• nerve: 1 liter / day
• High blood pressure: 1 liter / day normalize hypertension

c. Algae General Crystals
routines communities in the Caucasus who already know the power of algae as well as drinking water crystals since the age of children, believe that drink can make their bodies healthy long-lived, until reaching the age of increasingly over 100 years old ..

is where only one area in the world where residents can reach old age with a body truly healthy (according to an unknown resource, in toscana / italia also known as a place that people living well into senility).

according to a researcher prof. merile, who during his life researching the subject of algae, said that in the above-mentioned unknown diseases like tuberculosis, cancer, stomach ulcers, and others. in germany dr. dressen algae-algae have overcome this type since World War i. algae-algae are not only able to treat asthma can also deal with other health problems like respiratory problems, liver disease, bladder disease, and some major chronic diseases.

d. Benefits of Algae other crystals
Algae is quite unique. because in addition to the above can treat most diseases can also do repair nerve damage, lumps in the body, bronchitis, saemtlichen sideroblasten (keime, Idioms German), heart attacks, gallbladder, kidney infections, jaundice, intestinal diseases, difficult chapter, less blood , external disease and eczema.

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