Benefits of Apples

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Do you know the benefits of apples? For pregnant women, the health or kecanitkan woman, all can be obtained from the benefits of this apple. Apples come from western Asia, the region has a subtropical climate. In Indonesia began in planting apples and bred in 1834 before independence. Apple is a fruit that many kasiat and benefits. Health benefits of apples, apple has kasiat to prevent and treat a variety of diseases, especially for those who want the ideal body for body dipunya feel overweight.

According to the experts who will examine the content of the apple apple memunyai explained that a very high fiber content and fat content low enough. For those who carry out the diet program to lose weight apples are able to respond quickly to make a full stomach because banyanya fiber contained in apples. While the fat contained in apples is also able to reduce the intake of fat needed by the body. So that is very good fruit to be consumed by those who are dieting. Besides apples diet is also very good for health because of the benefits contained therein.

People who have excess body fat due, have a hunger stimulation is very high. This happens due to stimulation of pain in the stomach in the absence of fiber digested in the stomach. The pain terespon well by nerves that connects the stomach to the brain. Nerve pain is delivered from the stomach to the brain and from the brain will respond in order to work for the food that the stomach can be replenished. After the stomach fills lambungpun will be full and will make the stimulus back. This stimulus will be responded by the brain through the nerves connecting the earlier. The response will be ordered stop the entry of food from the mouth, and finally feeding process was stalled. That performance hull, and it will happen again and again kaena neural response is excellent.

Benefits of Apples

In the implementation of our diet requires a lot of foods that contain high fiber, especially in buag fruits, vegetables, cereals, wheat and so on. For fruits that have high levels as closely as has characteristics such as less water is contained in the flesh of the fruit, the fruit is not soluble in water, and rich in vitamins. Examples kanduangan fruit has more fiber, for example, apples, pears, and oranges. Apples contain a lot of fiber with less water available denandingkan on the fruit. So it is very well taken for those who carry out the diet program. While fruits like semngka and melon, is an example of a fruit that has a fiber content tendah and there are a lot of water content. The fruit is not good consume too much by those who implement the diet, because the amount of water in the stomach and cause stomach stretching experience will certainly make a person feel very hungry.

The benefits of apple skin

The skin of the fruit contains glicemic index low enough. Glicemic index contained in the skin of apples can help glucose levels in the blood circulation is rising. So eat an apple with the skin very well. In addition to apples, glicemic index can be found in vegetables that contain a lot of fiber. Fiber content in vegetables is at the stem and green daunyang.

Another benefit of the apple

The content of apples the other a high antioxidant. These antioxidants may help lower cholesterol in the body. The body is attacked by bad cholesterol is usually spread on the heart. And to avoid that relief from the frequent eating apples contain antioxidants that may help reduce kolestol not excessive.

Apple is a fruit that can be eaten and drinks can be made with a variety of ways one of which is made of juice, while the benefits of apples are as follows:

- As a cancer drug
- Prevention of diarrhea coming
- Sari-sari apple coming mamu menghilangkanvirus
- Prevent cavities and protects gums
- Strengthen Kidney
- Lowering blood pressure
- Strengthen joints
- Streamlining defecation.
- Can treat asthma
- Create a stable blood sugar

Lots of turns, and you certainly do not want to miss to experience the benefits of apples is not it?

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