Benefits of Cucumber Fruit

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Benefits of Cucumber Fruit
Benefits Cucumber, cucumber or cucumber is a plant that produces an edible fruit. The fruit is usually harvested when ripe yet to be a vegetable or refreshing, depending on the species. Cucumbers can be found in a variety of dishes from around the world and contains enough water in it so that it serves soothing. Cucumber pieces are also used to help moisturize the face and many are believed to lower high blood pressure.

Habitus cucumber weak form of herbs or creeping vines and a half crops: after flowering and fruiting plants die. Perbungaannya monoecious (monoecious) with the type of male flowers and hermaphrodite flowers (pansy). The first flowers are produced, usually at 4-5 weeks of age, are male flowers. The flowers are hermaphrodite flower when next is good growth. One plant can produce 20 pieces, but in cultivation usually limited amount of fruit to produce good fruit size.

The fruit is green when young with array-array yellowish white. The more out of fruit, ripe fruit color changed to pale green to white. Elongated fruit shape like a torpedo. Flesh development of the Mesocarp, pale yellow to bright orange. The fruit is harvested when still half-ripe and immature seed physiology. Ripe fruit is usually dried and the seeds are harvested, the color is black.

a. Cucumber benefits for skin care

1. Cucumbers reduce dark circles on the eye
Cucumbers have the ability to fast, secure and easy to reduce dark circles of the eyes. The content of antioxidants and silica in cucumbers can rejuvenate and make the skin smooth and soft.

2. Cucumbers reduce swelling in the eye bags
ascorbic acid content in cucumber can reduce water retention so as to reduce the swelling of the eye.

3. Cut cucumber black bitik
sunlight can cause black spots on the skin. Cucumbers can be used as a tonic by way of grating and use in all parts of the face and neck. grated cucumber can reduce the appearance of spots on the skin.

4. Cucumbers can rejuvenate skin
general benefits of cucumber is rejuvenating the skin. Use cucumber as a useful mask to make skin softer and smoother.

5. Cucumber for sunburn treatment / sunburn
If you are under the sun for too long and cause the skin to burn then you can use cucumber. Cooling effect of the cucumber is a natural and gentle skin soothing remedy and accelerate the healing process.

6. Cucumber for pores proved
Be an excellent cucumber toner, you can mix with apple cider vinegar, a few drops of lemon, egg whites, aloe vera, tomatoes or cucumbers only be able to immediately tighten the pores are open.

b. Cucumber benefits for face

For oily skin you can reduce the luster (oil refineries make confusion) in the face of premises taking ½ cucumber slices. Peel then blend until smooth. Apply on face and leave you greasy for about 15 minutes. After that, wash your face with cold water. With this recipe for oily skin so radiant without luster.

Well for a hobby late nights and having dark circles under the eyes, you can use cucumber and milk. The trick jam cucumber mixed with milk, let cool for 30 minutes then apply on the dark circles. Wait for 20 minutes and then wash with cold water. If you do not like milk, you can use cucumber jam alone.

Well other than that cucumber is also good to be used as a natural face mask. How spends ½ cup grated cucumber, ½ cup avocado, 1 egg white, and two teaspoons of milk powder. Blend all ingredients then chill for 30 minutes. Apply on face and neck for 30 minutes then rinse with warm water. After that, tap face gently pat it dry. With this recipe skin pores become smaller, independent oil sheen, ternagkat dead skin cells and make the skin of your face a fresh glow.

Well now you know what are the benefits of cucumber itself, may be useful.

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