Benefits of Garlic for Health

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Benefits of Garlic for Health
1. Treating flu and cough.

According to a study conducted by researchers from Brigham Young University, Utah, in 1992, found that garlic in the mashed and mixed with oil can kill two kinds of herpes and rhinivirus type 2 usually causes flu. Garlic also contains sulfur (sulfur) that can relieve respiratory tract and help remove the mucus.

You can eat raw garlic as much as possible when you are sick with the flu. When you cough, you can mix the garlic pieces into the hot milk and drink it warm.

2. Cancer cure

Benefits of garlic not only for mild illness, severe illness level of cancer can be prevented. Garlic contains Organosulfida that benefit the heart in the process menyaringan toxic compounds into the body. Sehungga, consuming garlic pieces tantamount to fighting toxins and cancer that can invade your body.

3. Increase Stamina

Mixing garlic into our food or ingesting garlic every day can be a source of physical strength and increase stamina kita.Ini benefits of garlic are special. When you feel tired or easily susceptible to the flu, it is a good time for you to quickly consume and feel the benefits of garlic.

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