Benefits of Napping

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Benefits of Napping
Info about the benefits of health this time nap. Sleep is a normal process in which the human body is at rest, but when sleep breathing activity, body temperature regulation and muscle mechanisms continue to function. Good quality sleep is enough time. Not too long and not too short. For pre-school age when it takes about 1.5-2 hour nap. For toddlers around 2-3 hours.

Requirements vary nap at all age levels. Increasing age, it'll take a nap kebutuhanya wane until well into the age of 7 years. Research suggests nap proven to sharpen memory, but we need to know that napping has a high quality of each.

Here are instructions on the quality and benefits of napping

1. Napping for 10 minutes a nap for 10 minutes directly eliminate fears and improve brain work for at least 2.5 hours. While that is only 5 minutes peruma only.

2. Napping for 20 minutes during a 20-minute nap will increase your reaction speed in doing arithmetic. But of course the effect is not imminent, at least it took 35 minutes to neutralize the brain condition after waking.

3. Napping for 30 minutes you will feel sleepy initially, but as long as 5 minutes later, you'll be more alert and mentally fresh for as long as 90 minutes. But sleep for 10 minutes is better to avoid the unpleasant effects from too much sleep.

4. Nap for 45-90 minutes For 45 - 90 minutes, you're heading towards a deep sleep, but no sleep menyelesaikansiklus complete, (your body will feel bad after waking up, than before bedtime)

5. Napping 90-110 minutes sleep time exceeds the average - the average sleep cycle, exceeding the ideal nap time, usually when you take a nap by this time, when I woke up dizzy head compared before naps.

In addition to the above info we will also inform about the need for a nap stages of age by Asia Books Fack Sleep Book as follows:

• Infants 0-6 months time 3.5 hour nap
• Infants 6-9 months 3 hour nap time
• Infants 9-12 months 2.7 hour nap time
• Children 12-15 months had a 2.5 hour nap
• Children 15-18 months time 2.4 hour nap
• Children 18-21 months time 2.2 hour nap
• Children 21-24 months time 2 hour nap
• Children 24-36 months time 1.9 hour nap
• Children 36-48 months time 1.7 hour nap
• Children 48-60 months time 1.6 hour nap
• Children 60-72 months had a 1.5 hour nap

Similarly, health info we can give the benefit Napping may be useful to the reader. Read also other important health info to read about water fleas, thank you.

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