Benefits of Olive Oil for Facial Care

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Benefits of Olive Oil for Facial Care
If there is a plant with a thousand benefits, so it's normal if the title was given to the olive tree. Tree that can grow to survive for hundreds of years was given so many blessings and benefits to humans, especially the production of olive oil.

Olive oil obtained from olives (Olea europaea), have been known since long been used for health and beauty, for example, to prevent abdominal pain, heart to a natural diet. Olive oil is a healthy oil because it contains high unsaturated fat, primarily oleik acid and polyphenols.

Olive oil is also used in skin care since ancient Greece. Facial beauty secret of Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow was there in the olive oil he uses regularly. No wonder the olive oil is nicknamed The Liquid Gold, for carrying a variety of benefits.

Especially for skin care, olive oil is useful for moisturizing and maintaining skin elasticity and accelerate the regeneration process so it does not dry easily. Simply applied directly to the face or used as a mask. Another benefit of olive oil is to maintain the freshness of the skin. By mixing olive oil with extracts of pure essential oils such as memories or roses to the face will make your skin look clean and fresh.

We can also get the benefits of olive oil for facial mask by mixing 3 tablespoons avocado with olive oil. If allowed to stand for 10 minutes and then rinsed off, the skin will be moist in a long time. If the facial skin wrinkles? Yes, we can also use olive oil and freshly squeezed orange juice, then massage the face. Make bedtime routine, facial wrinkles will be reduced.

In summary the following benefits of olive oil for skin care when applied to the face:

• Maintain skin moisture
• Reduce excess oil production
• Remove black spots and acne scars
• Making the face look clean and fresh
• Reduce wrinkles
• Maintain skin elasticity
• Meperlancar skin regeneration process
• Provide nutrition to the face
• Smoothes skin
• Prevent Blackheads

Now that the benefits of olive oil for skin care, may be useful for the reader!

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