Benefits of Passion Fruit For Health

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Benefits of Passion Fruit For Health
Passion Fruit Benefits For Health - passionfruit plants belonging to the genus Passiflora, derived from tropical and sub-tropical America. Another name for this fruit is known among Maracuja (Portuguese), maracuy√° (Spain), Passion Fruit (UK), Granadilla (South America and South Africa), Pasiflora (Israel), Lilikoi (Hawaiian), and L?c Tien, Chanh Day or Chanh leo (Vietnam).

In Indonesia there are two types of passion fruit

1. Purple passion fruit (Passiflora edulis), which grows in the highlands
2. Yellow passion fruit (Passiflora flavicarva) were grown in the lowlands.

Some of the areas that became centers of production of passion fruit, among others, North Sumatra, and Sulawesi Selatan.sementara, there are also variants of passion fruit growing in the area of ??West Sumatra called sweet passion fruit (Passiflora edulis forma flavicarva).

Purple passion fruit is widely developed in North Sumatra and South Sulawesi. This plant can grow to a height of 800 - 1. 500 m above sea level. single plants propagated by cuttings and connection techniques. propagation system suggested is to plant bamboo shoots countless lives without using wires.

Passion fruit can be eaten in fresh condition, but generally the flesh is extracted and preserved step '> by way of heating or cooling. Passion fruit has a distinctive aroma and harsh, sour, can make natural concentrates. when added sweeteners (sugars) and then diluted to a very nice feel and fit to be combined with other fruit juices. product processed the typical ice cream, sherbet, nentar, juices, concentrates, squash, jams, and jellies.

Passiflorance that is widely available in passion fruit beneficial to placate nervous, passion fruit as well as the source of most of vit. especially vit. c and vit. a. in addition to health benefits such as passion fruit to treat weakness after illness, loss of appetite, anemia accompanied by pale lips, feeling the cold on the body as well as dizziness, lack of milk after childbirth, and restore the body after healing primarily due to parasites in child.

Vines have been developed in most provinces especially in North Sumatra, West Sumatra, Lampung and South Sulawesi.

Benefits include passion fruit
1. Ward off cancer
2. Overcoming insomnia
3. Overcoming cough
4. Anti-allergy
5. Calms hyperactive children
6. Smooth milk
7. Keeping facial beauty
8. Lowering Cholesterol
9. Widen the channel of the blood vessel constriction
10. Circulation
11. Anti-inflammatory
12. Fever (anti-pyretic)
13. Prevent hypertension
14. Pain relievers (analgesics)
15. Antiseptic
16. Removers wrinkles
17. Keep in shape
18. Antibody

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