Causes of Asthma Attacks

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5. Causes of Asthma Attacks

Asthma symptoms can be turned on or irritated by many elements. Not all asthmatics react to the same triggers. Additionally, each trigger effect on the lungs differ from one individual to another. Outline, severity of your asthma depends on how many elements (agents) activate your symptoms and how the sensitivity of your lungs on them. Most of these triggers can also worsen the symptoms of the nose or eyes.

Triggers are divided into two categories:
• Allergens-allergen ("specific")
• Nonalergen-nonalergen - mostly irritants (nonspecific)

Once your bronchial tubes become beradang of an exposure to an allergen, the allergen exposure back on the attack it will often activate symptoms. Bronchial tubes are reactive may also respond to other triggers, such as exercise, infections, and other irritants. Here is a checklist that simpler.

Asthma triggers commonly:

• Allergens-Allergens
• Pollen-pollen seasonal
• mites, mold, animal and insect parts throughout the year
• The food, such as fish, eggs, peanuts, nuts, cow's milk and soy
• Additives, such as sulfites
• the elements associated with the work, such as latex
• Irritant-irritant
• respiratory infections, such as those caused by viral colds, bronchitis, and sinusitis
• Medications, such as aspirin, NSAIDs (nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs) others, and beta blockers (used to treat high blood pressure and other heart conditions)
• Secondhand smoke
• outdoor factors, such as smoke, weather changes, and diesel fumes
• Factors in the room, such as paints, detergents, deodorants, chemicals, and fragrance-perfume
• Night time
• GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disorder)
• Exercise, especially under conditions of cold and dry
• Factors associated with employment, such as chemicals, dust, gases, and metals
• emotional factors, such as laughing, crying, screaming, and the circumstances of distress
• hormonal factors, such as premenstrual syndrome

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