Causes of Back Pain

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Causes of Back Pain
Info about the health of this time Cause Back Pain - Pain occurs because of muscle tension as you lift heavy objects suddenly in the wrong way, in addition to aged muscle tension also be one cause of people affected by this pain caused by spinal pengkapuran so cause nerve pinching.

Here are the details Causes Pain in general, namely:

1. Mechanical disturbance on the structure and unity of the function of the spine
2. Motion or incorrect posture when bending and lifting or goods
3. The use of high-heeled shoes, because under normal circumstances the lumbar region of the spine has a curve to the front, when the excessive forward curvature, would cause symptoms of back pain
4. Sleeping with pedestal / base that is too flexible so that makes bending the spine to follow the laid
5. Lack of exercise resulting flexibility of joints and tissues come down, so the muscles are easily injured because simple movements, such as lifting, pushing, or bent.

Pain can also be caused by the influence of a disease eg Kidney Disorders, Heart Disease, Cancer, bone disease, or metabolic disorders.

In order to avoid or prevent the consequences of Pain patients should pay attention to the following:

• Pay attention to your posture to avoid slouching body condition
• Perform activities lie flat.
• It should seek a balance between rest and physical activity
• The body should get enough rest
• Maintain a healthy diet, a healthy pattern of values ​​and a healthy mindset.

In addition to the above information we will notify natural way that can be used to resolve the Back Pain:

Red ginger 25 grams + 25 grams of fresh ground black buffoonery + 30 grams of fresh root mustard sky god + 30 grams of fresh leaves boiled with 600 cc of water until the remaining 300 cc, filtered water, drunk warm - warm, do regularly. 30 grams of fresh leaves of the gods meeting buffoonery + 30 grams + 25 grams of fresh leaves of fresh shark boiled with 500 cc of water until the remaining 200 cc, then boiled water is filtered and drunk warm - warm, do regularly.

Cayenne pepper (stems removed) + ginger (thinly - sliced) each - one taste and then soaked with 75% alcohol for 14 days. After that, applied to the soaking water pnggang painful, do regularly 120 grams + 150 grams of red ginger garlic + chili powder to taste soaked with 75% alcohol for 14 days. After that, the soaking water applied on the affected part.

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