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The development of technology to get the best security system continues to grow. Technology security system with CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is more widely used, and has become a leading security systems. And now it has introduced an internet-based CCTV security system some time ago. Internet-based CCTV is expected to provide extra security more powerful and accurate.

Datascript introduced a security system based on internet protocol called intelligent video management system. The software is able to conduct surveillance via closed-circuit television with a centralized system. This centralized point is, a large company that has many branches in several cities. Security system in each branch can be controlled directly from the central office in Jakarta through internet protocol-based CCTV.

Marketing Manager Datascrip Suhartanto Yenni said through intelligent video management, security systems can make the transmission of data, video and power to direct control of the central office. "Cable possessed many functions," he said in Jakarta, Wednesday, March 14, 2012. Today the use of internet-based surveillance protocol has not been much. According Yenni about 70-80 percent are still using the traditional system of analog video cable. "The department is a separate department of IT security," he said.

According Yenni, use of appliances intelligent video management system is IP-based CCTV surveillance Addres to be convergence and multiaplikasi. Control room also has access to a lot more because the screen is capable of displaying 64 cameras supervisor directly and simultaneously.

Additionally there is a television screen in the control room to show the room layout and the dots indicate the location of CCTV cameras installed. Therefore, when a person goes into a room and then shut down or damage the CCTV cameras, the officer can immediately locate the nearest camera that can capture location.

Security system is also able to detect the presence of strangers. In a video shown on the screen will appear a line supervisor who put limits movement of the stranger. Security cameras will constantly keep an eye on the person. If there hotspots that can cause fires, intelligent video management system has also been fitted with an alarm system that will quickly go off to signal danger.

This security system also has a camera with megapixel-sized screen strength. With the megapixel size, the CCTV cameras are able to zoom in without breaking the image. "CCTV cameras are usually only captures images, but after dizoom turns the picture broke, so someone's face as hard to detect," he said.

Professor of computer science ABFI Institute Perbanas, Richardus Eko Indrajit said Addres IP-based security system a company can connect between countries.

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