Drinks Cause Tooth Stains in addition to coffee

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Stains on the teeth sometimes give a very excessive shyness especially when it comes to dealing with people who are special, because it will reduce the confidence of the opposite spouse, what can cause stains on your teeth? which certainly is "coffee" than that?? refer to the following article for that I would share Drinks Cause Tooth Stains in addition to coffee. Drinks Cause Tooth Stains in addition to coffee - there are several other types of beverages that are equally engaging stain when in contact with the tooth surface.

There are many factors that cause the drinks can leave stains on teeth. Among these are the nature of the acid, the content of chromogen or pigments that give color to fruits or plants and the amount of tannin which makes it easier chromogen stuck in my teeth.

Although the cause stains on the teeth, does not mean that these drinks should be avoided altogether. There are many ways to reduce stains on the teeth, such as by using a straw when drinking or drink immediately rinse your teeth with water after drinking drinks cause tooth stains. Drinks that can cause stained teeth other than coffee are as follows, as quoted from WebMD, Sunday (07/15/2012).

1. Wine or grape
Not just any red wine, white wine can also cause stains on the teeth, though not directly. According to a study at New York University, teas and other drinks will leave more stains on your teeth if it had already been exposed to white wine.

2. Tea
Most teas have content chromogen and tannins, two compounds cause stains on the teeth. But of the various types of tea, black tea stains proved most trigger stain on teeth even former mentioned more than coffee.

3. Carbonated Drinks
The nature of the acid or carbonated soft drinks is one cause stains on the teeth, besides of course pewarnanya substances. Even the pewarnanya not much, acidic nature of making food and other drinks so much easier to leave stains.

4. Energy drinks
Recent research conducted by Mark S Wolff of New York University suggests that most energy drinks can leave stains on teeth. Just like soft drinks, among other causes are relatively acidic nature.

5. Berry juice
Seedy fruits or berries groups such as blueberry, cranberry, cherry, grape and pomegranate fruit is a group that causes stained teeth. Not just in the form of fresh fruit, even when made juice the risk of leaving stains on the teeth will still be there.

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