Efficacy of Turmeric Black

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Efficacy of Turmeric Black
Black Turmeric Plants is a kind of turmeric are currently rare to find, the efficacy of black turmeric has a very potent medicinal properties. Black Turmeric same shape as usual but the dried rhizome of turmeric its dark black when it is ripe. If his young unggu dark color. The veins on the back of his black, if the young roots brown color then clear.

1. How Breeding and Maintenance Turmeric Black

Although the way Breeding and planting the same as regular turmeric, but this Black Turmeric requires maintenance neat and very complicated. Her land must be mixed with sand and require moist soil and enough water but not too much water. Black Turmeric is sprouting in a very long time and sometimes for 3 months new sprout.

2. Efficacy and Benefits of Turmeric Turmeric Black Black

• Efficacy of Black Turmeric can be used to treat boils and LEPROSY
• Can be used for traditional medicinal materials YOUNG
• It is good to get rid of abdominal fat and thin body
• If on the other mixed herbs can cure dengue fever
• One more properties of turmeric is in the treatment of Witchcraft

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