Famous Inventors In The World

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An inventor is a person who creates new inventions, typically technical devices such as tools or mechanical methods, electronic, or software. Although it could be a scientist inventor, but usually the inventor discovered something based on a variety of knowledge from other scientists, experimenting with practical applications and a combination of knowledge, as well as by developing and combining existing tools, to create a useful new tool.

Patent system is set up to encourage the inventors, by giving them a monopoly for a limited time for discovery which was considered quite new. Lately seen that the system is often abused, especially in the U.S., and some people call for an overhaul, or even abolition of the patent system .. In the U.S., patents derived from the Constitution, so inventors will continue to protect inventions that way for a long time.

World Famous Inventors

Typewriter inventor or Type - Christopher Latham Sholes, in 1868
Inventor of Printing Machinery - Johannes Guttenberg of the German
Inventors loom Hargraves - Richard Arkwright.
Inventors Sewing Machines - Thomas Saint of England.
The inventor of the steam engine - James Watt Originally from the United Kingdom, in 1765
Inventors 4 stroke engine - Nicolaus August Otto Derived from the German
The inventor of the diesel engine - Rudolf C. Diesel Coming from the United States, 1897
Pin-inventor Walter Hunt, 1849.
Inventors Pencil - Family Fables
Inventor of Paper Books - Sai Lun
Inventors Bel Power - Joseph Henry.
Inventors Eye - Roger Bacon.
Inventor of eye glass lenses is Benjamin Franklin Coming from the United States
Inventors Lighters - Robert Boyle, John Walker
Stone Battery Inventor - Alexander Volta Derived from the Italian State
Inventors pendulum clock - Cristian Huygens.
Inventors calculator or calculating machine - Blaise Pascal Derived from the French State
Inventor of Comet Halley - Edward Halley
Inventors Move Planet - Johannes Keppler
Inventors Planet Mars - Viking Nation
Neptune Discoverer - J.R. Adam
Inventor of Blood Circulation - William Harvey.
Inventors Classification Animal / Plant - Carolus Linnaeus.
Lightning arresters Inventor - Benjamin Franklin of the United States.
Inventors wire filament is Irving Langmuir
The bulb inventor - Thomas Alva Edison Originally from the United States
Inventor of electromagnets - Williarn Sturgeon Derived from the United Kingdom, in 1823
Inventors Dinamo - Michael Faraday Originally from the United Kingdom, in 1831
Inventor of Electric Motor or Dynamo - Nikola Tesla
Inventors Atom - Albert Einstein.
Inventor of Neutron - James Chadwick.
Inventors Gas Oxygen - Joseph Priestly.
Inventor of Light Gas - W.Murdock.
Inventor of X-rays or Rontgen - Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen Derived from the German
Inventor of Radio Active - Marie Curie.
Inventors name Indonesia - Adolf Sebastian
Inventor of Singapore - Raffles
Inventors Town Alexandria - Alexander the Great
Inventors East Coast Australia - James Cook
Inventor of the Tower of Pisa - Bonsanna Pisanna
Inventor of the country of Pakistan - Ali Jinah
Discoverer Americas - Christhoper Columbus
Inventor of the Suez Canal / Panama - Ferdinand de Lesseps
Inventors island of Tasmania and New Zealand - Abel Tasman
Inventors Radar - Gregory Breit.
Inventors Telegraph - Samuel F.B. Morse Originally from the United States, in 1837
Inventor of Telephone - Alexander Graham Bell of the United States (Long Version) 1876
Inventors Phone - Antonio Meucci Derived from the Italian State (New Version)
Inventors teleprinter - Valak Figrap.
Inventor of Radio - C. Marconi Derived from the Italian State, in 1895
Inventors TV - lagre John Baird. & C.F. Jenkins native of England, in 1920
Phonograph inventor - Alexander Graham Bell Originally from the United States
Inventors movie projectors - Thomas Alva Edison in 1893 of the United States
Binoculars or a telescope inventor - H. Lippershey,

in 1608

Camera Inventor - George Eastman in 1888, Louis Jacques Monde da Guerre & Edwin Land, USA
Inventor of Microscope - Zacharias Janssen, in 1590
Inventors Electron Microscope - Vladimir Zworykin.
Inventors Stethoscope - Rene Laennec
Inventors Barometer - Evangelista, Torricelli Derived from the Italian State
Inventors thermometer - Celsius, Reamur, Farenheit. - Galileo Galilei of Italy, 1593
Drug Inventors - James Simpson.
Inventor of Vitamin B - Dr. Cristian Eykman.
Inventor of Penicillin - Alexander Flyming.
Serum inventor mad dog - Louis Pasteur.
Inventors Lens and Bacteria - Anthony Van Leuwenhook Derived from the Netherlands
Inventors Smallpox Vaccination Drug - dr. Edward Jenner.
Inventor of TB disease - Robert Koch.
Inventor of Polio Disease Drugs - Dr. Jones Pock.
Inventors Diphtheria - Emil Adolf Van Behrin.
Inventor of the Red Cross - Henry Dunant
Inventor of Pandu - Lord Bouden Powel
Inventors Cooperative - Charles Howard
Inventors Olympics - Baron Pierre de Coumbertin
Inventors Water Formula - Archimides
Discoverer Wind Formula - Robert Boyle
Inventors Motion Style - Isaac Newton
Inventors Gravity Earth - Isaac Newton
Inventor of Electromagnetic Induction - Faraday Michel
Inventors Magnetic Field - Hans Cristian Oersted
Inventor of Dynamite - Alfred Nobel Derived from the Swedish State
Inventors rocket - Robert Godard.
Inventors Balloon flight - Sir F. Whittle
The inventor of the rubber balloon - Josep and J. Montgolfier
The inventor of the rubber tires - Charles Goodyear Originally from the United States
Inventors Bikes - Baron Draise, Civrac Derived from the French State
Inventors Car - Daimler Gottlich
Inventors Balloon Zappelin - Von Zappelin.
Inventor of Helicopter - Igor Sikorsky.
Inventors Aircraft - Wilbur Wright and Wright 0rville of the United States 1903
Naval Ship inventor or fire - Robert Fulton from the United States, in 1807
Inventors LOCOMOTIF - George Stephenson.
Inventor Trains - Murdocks Originally from the United Kingdom
Inventors pile - Thomas Augling.
The inventor is Benjamin Holt Tractor
Inventors submarine - Cornelius van Drebbel Derived from the Netherlands
Inventors Tank - Sir Ernest Swinton native of the United Kingdom
Inventors Escalator or Stairs Walk - Elis G. Otis

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