Fasting For Young Pregnant Women

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Fasting For Young Pregnant Women
Fasting For Pregnant Women Young said sharia is pregnant or breastfeeding, including a group that is allowed to leave the fast of Ramadan. Especially if it is not strong or disrupt health of mother and baby. But the required change in the other days. Should leave Ramadan fasting does not mean that fasting is prohibited. So should fast or not?

Fasting during early pregnancy? Fasting may sound origin

Fasting in the month of Ramadan Muslims do not actually really distopnya any intake into the body. Actually, not much has changed during fasting. Only time he shifted. Medically pregnant one should not fast. Moreover, if the mother was healthy. In a healthy pregnancy, fasting does not cause a negative impact on the fetus and the pregnant woman. Is medically healthy pregnant women are not having complaints during pregnancy and had no complications from the illness such as hypertension, diabetes or vomiting.

Young pregnant mother is often a barrier to fast. Generally, there is an assumption that the fetus is still very young and weak. If you're a young pregnant and experiencing nausea, dizziness or difficulty eating during pregnancy, hence the desire to fast should indeed be considered again. The reason is that the weak condition of the mother's body is not getting weak from fasting.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, some women experience nausea and vomiting. Imposing fasting will only disrupt fetal development. In these circumstances à ¢?? very few foods that can go à ¢?? mother almost impossible to balance the needs of the fetus only with an early evening meal (Iftar) and evening (dawn). Especially if your appetite at meal time does not exist at all. This will make it difficult to meet the quantity and nutritional quality are recommended.

However, if the early pregnancy is not accompanied problem: appetite remains as usual, do not feel nausea, vomiting and you do feel ready to fast, please fast! Therefore, the condition of the fetus in early pregnancy has not been much affected by food intake is still closed due to the placenta.

What about pregnant women who entered the second trimester? If you are pregnant 5-8 months, fasting is not medically advisable à ¢?? but also not forbidden â € "fast. Why is not recommended to fast? The reason, fetal growth is highly dependent on the age of the intake of food that is consumed is different from the past. But why not also be banned? Provided that sufficient food intake and do not interfere with the growth of the fetus.

Maintain a balanced diet while pregnant

When you finally choose fast anyway, should pay more attention to the food you eat and break the fast at dawn. That should really be nutritious and balanced so that the growth of the fetus is not a problem. Among other things, must continue to consume milk every day, adjusted for load time and dawn. Open the glass, and the dawn of the gelas.Ibu fasting pregnant should also eat dates. Because after investigation, turned out to be relatively high carbohydrate content of dates.

In essence, fasting during pregnancy is not actually interfere with fetal growth. Throughout the meal menu and set menu breaking fine, babies are able to adapt to changes in maternal diet. Once again, the Islamic law, including pregnant and nursing mothers are allowed to leave the fasting month of Ramadan, but was allowed to leave the fast does not mean forbidden implement.

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