Free Radical Fighting Food

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Free radicals are atoms or compounds containing one or more unpaired electrons. Among free radicals such as superoxide radicals, hydroxyl, nitrous oxide and many more. The most dangerous compound in hydroxyl free radicals (OH) because it has the highest reactivity. These molecules are highly reactive electrons in finding a partner. If it is formed in the body, there will be a chain reaction and generate new free radicals that eventually form a free radical in significant amounts. 

Free radicals in the body in various ways, but in general arise from a variety of biochemical processes in the body, a byproduct of burning prosesoksidasi or cell that goes on during breathing, cell metabolism, excessive exercise, inflammation, or when the body is exposed to environmental pollutants such as car exhaust, cigarette smoke, pollutants and solar radiation.

The occurrence of free radicals can not be avoided in life but with the right knowledge we can counteract free radicals from the body. Our bodies also included producing free radicals but also to produce an anti-free radical called also by the name of antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances or deterrent from destructive free radicals. The problem is that when free radicals enter the body from outside. Cells in the body will be disturbed by the presence of free radicals, resulting in a radical cell mutation and abnormal functions. Now from these mutations that can cause a disease such as cancer, impaired nerve cells, liver, vascular disorders such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, cataracts and premature aging causes also trigger other chronic diseases.

Although all body tissue cells can counteract free radical attack in the form or a particular enzyme, but because humans are naturally degrades with increasing age, resulting in destruction of free radicals can not be met well, so that tissue damage is also aging will happen slowly. So the best solution is to prevent free radicals consume many foods that contain lots of antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that can neutralize or destroy free radicals. This compound serves to protect cells from the harmful effects of free radicals. Antioxidants can be found here or can be found in vegetables, fruits, tea as well. Antioxidants work by giving an electron to the free radical pair thus no longer free radical takes an electron from the cells and DNA in the body.

Types of foods that contain antioxidants can be obtained from fruits and vegetables contained vitamin A, C, E, as well as from a variety of other food sources. Type of food free-radical scavengers of vitamin A include: Carrots, Broccoli, Spinach, Pumpkin, Mango, Sayurah greens, potatoes, eggs and fish. While fruit is good as an antioxidant and contains Vitamin A is Watermelon. In addition, mango, grapes and papaya.

Other foods that contain Vitamin C are:
 Merica
 Chilli
 Guava
 Kiwi
 Broccoli
 touge
 Persimmon
 Papaya
 Strowberi
 orange tangerine
 Lemon
 Cauliflower
 Garlic
 Wine
 Tomatoes
 Pears
 Raspberries
 Pineapple

Vitamin C is a powerful free radical can be debilitating and have a very important role in enhancing the immune system. Raw foods are rich in antioxidants derived from vitamin E include:

Asparagus, avocados, olives, spinach, kcang nuts, grains, oilseeds, and cereals. Free-radical scavengers from other foods containing polyphenols are tea, chocolate, wine, fruit leather, pomegranate, wine.

Other food ingredients that act as antioxidants are in the form of spices such as ginger, turmeric, galangal, turmeric, ground white, wild mango, cardamom kencur, bangle, Intersection dribbles, pepper, cloves, nutmeg, tamarind and sour kandis. Besides food like radishes, bitter melon, green beans, corn, kale, cucumber, passion fruit, takokak, sweet potatoes, soybeans, keluwak, petai China is also a food that contain antioxidants.

While the clove is a material that has the highest antioxidant and helps to prevent cancer and anti-pollutants. A fact which we must accept that free radicals will always continually attacked. Free radical attack both from outside and from within the body as dangerous if it has been met with an enzyme or polyunsaturated fatty acids because the attack was the beginning of cell damage and premature aging mengkibatkan cancer.

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