History of War and World War

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War is an act of physical and non-physical (in the narrow sense, is a condition of hostility by force) between two or more groups of people to perform the dominance in the disputed territory. Interpret ancient war as an armed conflict. In the modern era, the war is more directed to technological and industrial superiority. This is reflected in the doctrine of armed forces as "Whoever mastered the height of the control of the world". This suggests that the possession of the heights to be achieved by the technology. But the word war is no longer acting as a verb, but it has shifted the adjective. Who popularized it is the journalists, so that gradually shifts to get the position, but in general the war means "conflict".

Specifically and philosophical territory, war is a derivative of human nature that remains to this day maintain dominance and competition as a means to strengthen themselves by subjecting the existence of the will of the enemy [2]. With the start psychologically and physically. By involving themselves and others, either as a group or not. War and poverty can lead to prolonged grief. as an example of a war that resulted in the loss of lives of hundreds of people in Japan and of course this has resulted in a deep sadness within Japanese society.

The causes of the war include:

Ideological differences
The desire to expand territory
Different interests
Appropriation of natural resources (oil, agricultural products, etc.)

Poverty is a result of the war

Indeed, the war makes a country or a region experiencing poverty. Poverty because of the war were: 1. Food Scarcity Needs 2. If there is any need for the expensive price of 3. Revenge, a country that was attacked and attacked both will experience a prolonged revenge or just temporarily 4. Decreasing the number of residents.

Types of warfare

The Cold War was a war that does not exist using open armed violence, but the conditions and the atmosphere between the two opposing sides are very similar to the state of war.

General war is a war that pursue broad goals using the entire capacity of the state and performed worldwide.

World War
Economic War
Political War
Wars of Religion
Nuclear War

Limited war is a war between two nations alone or war involving many nations that are not widely seen from the point of destination, the use of force, and the linkup area.

Civil war
Gulf War
Tribal War
War Between States
War Expansion

Great wars

Roman expansion (202 BC-476 AD)
Chibi war,
War of Yarmuk (636 M)
Qadisiyyah War (636 M)
Muslim expansion into Andalusia
Crusade (1096-1270)
Mongol Expansion (1214-1227)
Ottoman conquest of Byzantium by the Turks
7 Years War, Britain and its allies against France and its allies
Napoleonic Wars (1799-1813)
World War I (1914-1918)
World War II (1939-1945)
Vietnam War (1957-1975)
Korean War (1950-1953)
6 Day War (Arab - Israel, June 5, 1967 until June 11, 1967)
Gulf War
Israel-Palestinian War
The war on terrorism (2001-Present)
Lebanon War

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