How Bathing Baby

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How Bathing Baby
How Bathing Baby - A new mother may be afraid to bathe her baby first. In fact, bathing is very important to do every day in order to avoid baby germs. Well health info this time is how the right way to bathe a baby.

Bathing a baby is an important part of baby care. How to bathe your baby is right and safe for your baby but it was not so difficult nor too easy for a lot of things to consider when bathing the baby.

The preparation is done before bathing the baby are:

1. Put a baby bath tub a clean place and try in a warm room.
2. Keep the time to bathe the baby, the baby in a relaxed state
3. Warm water conditions and should be clean and free of germs, because the baby's skin is very sensitive, high water inside the tub no more than 10cm.
4. Prepare all need to bathe your baby.

After arrangements were made following how to bathe a baby:

1. If not too sure to bathe the baby in the tub, you can put your baby on a flat covered with a soft cloth.
2. Remove clothes first.

3. When bathing the baby in the tub, try to position the legs first so that the baby was not surprised by the change in temperature. Then the berlahan to the back of the head. The position of the right hand supporting the head and the bottom of the left hand that cleanse the body.

4. Wash your baby is berlahan, use soap and baby shampoo

5. For genital areas and sensitive, use a soft washcloth to clean the area. For pretty face wash with warm water with a soft clean cloth and soft.

6. When finished, lift the baby gently, using both hands, then put a towel over the yag is a flat lie.

7. Dry the baby's body with a clean towel telon give oil to warm the body in the abdominal area, the crown, and the soles of the feet.

8. Then wear comfortable clothing for baby baby That's about the right way to bathe a baby.

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